“Survivor: David vs Goliath” Episode 10 and 11 Recap: Nacho Smartest Move

“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Last Week: Hey Sharks, my name’s Carl, I’m a truck driver-preneur from Beaumont, Texas. Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to vote Dan out of the game and he plays one of those pesky hidden immunity idols? That’s why I invented…the idol nullifier!

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Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Kalokalo Tribe (wearing blue)
Alec, 24 – Bartender
Alison, 28 – Physician
Angelina, 28 – Financial Consultant
Carl, 41 – Truck Driver
Christian, 32 – Robotics Scientist
Davie, 30 – Social Media Manager
Gabby, 25 – Technical Writer
Kara, 30 – Realtor
Mike, 47 – Filmmaker
Nick, 27 – Public Defender

Post-Tribal Shenanigans

It’s high fives all around after Advantage-geddon II, but Angelina is not psyched that she picked up a few votes. The guilty Goliaths quickly owned up to the fact that Angelina was their contingency plan. As you’d imagine, this does not make Angelina feel much better.

Later on that evening, Nick finds himself an idol clue while he’s out hunting with Davie. The clue informs Nick that he’ll need to sneak out of camp and go to the opposite end of the island the next night to retrieve it. Hopefully Davie can create another distraction for him.

Quick Aside: Nick and Davie are way close. I’d imagine they have a final-three deal with Carl. There’s no way any of them want to take Christian to the end.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribe will be split into two teams. They’ll race across the water, then across a rope bridge. From there, the first team to throw three beams onto a ladder target will win a picnic.

The Teams: We’ve got Davie, Carl, Angelina, Kara, and Nick against Christian, Gabby, Mike, Alec, and Alison.

Another Quick Aside: Since this course is along the coastline, Team Christian, Gabby, Mike, Alec, and Alison have to wade through deeper water. That seems unfair.

The Result: It didn’t matter if it was unfair as Team Christian, Gabby, Mike, Alec, and Alison pulled off the win.

That’s a Wrap

Our winners are treated to a delightful collection of wraps, wine, and more. During the trip, Alec uses his bartending powers to flirt with Christian and Gabby as a way of “working for the tip.”

I’m a…I’m gonna leave that one alone.

In lighter news, the quintet discovered their letters from home. Hilariously, Christian’s father gave him a to-do list that involved; finding an idol, winning a feast, and making Jeff laugh. Mission accomplished, buddy. Also, I would have been super impressed if he had included “Become middle management in a professional wrestler’s make-believe hometown.”

Back at camp, Carl is laying down the law as to what the next vote should be, and he’s targeting Alec for elimination. He asks Kara if she thinks hAlec has an idol.

Oh…oh…Carl…did you forget which side everyone is on?

Sure enough, Kara immediately fills Alec in when he returns from reward.

That’s a Wrap Again

Apparently something was up with the wraps they ate at the reward…that or their bodies just weren’t use to that many calories…or possibly they were ebola wraps…either way. Anywho, wraps are regurgitated around Kalokalo Beach.

Nick gets the line of the night by referring to this phenomenon as “Wasted Nutrition.” Surely, that should have been the title of this episode.

So, Nick uses this as a distraction to sneak out and retrieve his idol. I guess he didn’t need Davie’s stick twirling skills.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will stand on a tiny platform while holding onto a handle. The last person standing wins immunity.

The Twist: Players are allowed to sit out and enjoy nachos if they feel safe, or just want nachos. Carl, Nick, and Angelina take Probst up on the offer.

The Result: Most people dropped out early, but Christian and Alec battled it out for five hours. It was amazing. And at one point, Christian decided that he wanted to tell Jeff Probst everything he knew about everything. Eventually, Alec couldn’t take it anymore and dropped out. Simply amazing.

Quick Aside: The editing on the challenge was amazing. Never have I been so riveted by people standing still. Quite a journey.

Pre-Tribal Policking

Alec is the obvious vote early on, but Carl’s pushy behavior is starting to rub people the wrong way…Gabby in particular.

In fact, Gabby has this crazy idea that you shouldn’t tell the target’s closest ally what’s up. Crazy, right?

They get into it and Carl accuses Gabby of being “too emotional” and “too paranoid.” This goes about as well as you’d imagine. When it’s all said and done, this starts to plant the seeds that Carl should be the next target.

Tribal Time

First of all, Dan and John are making comments to each other the entire time from the jury box. It’s like Tribal is being watched by Statler and Waldorf.

Carl claims that the reason he sat to eat nachos is because he’s yet to win a reward challenge, but Kara calls him out, saying he wouldn’t have sat if he didn’t feel secure.

Angelina and Alison get into it too, when Angelina calls out her former Goliath buds for voting for her at the last Tribal.

Voting Time: Carl votes for Alec, Alec votes for Carl, and the rest of the votes are sooper secret.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone would like to play and idol and…nobody does. We’ve got one vote for Alec, one vote for Carl, four votes for Alec, and the eleventh person voted out of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” and the fourth member of the jury is…Alec.

Post-Tribal Shenanigans

It’s all hugs and high-fives for the Davids as they’ve finally overtaken the Goliaths’ numbers. And they did it without a single “slingshot” reference. Well, this episode at least.

Meanwhile, Alison breaks down in tears while Christian does his best to comfort her. Oh Christian, you might want to rein that in a bit. You can’t be besties with everybody.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribe will be split into two teams via schoolyard pick with the odd person out having to sit there and look stupid and not get a chance to vote for the winner. (GRRRR!) The teams will climb a ladder and jump into the water. They’ll then dive down to retrieve buoys. The first tribe to dunk all of their marked buoys into baskets will win a fried chicken lunch.

The Teams: We’ve got Kara, Mike, Davie, and Carl on one team and Nick, Angelina, Alison, and Gabby on the other. Poor Christian has to sit out.

Result: Carl finally gets to go on a reward! His team won it thanks to Davie’s mad dunking skills. (Did I use “mad” correctly?)

Carl + Beer = Bad Decisions

Oh man, Carl…has quite a few beers on the reward trip. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a few beers in Fiji, but I wasn’t playing a game for a million bucks.

Sure enough, he tells Kara that Alison is going to be the next to go. She’s shocked, but hey, at this rate he’ll probably tell Kara when her time is up too.

No joke, he literally fell asleep holding a beer.

Back at Kalokalo, Gabby is putting the wheels in motion to send Carl home with votes from herself, Christian, Mike, Kara, and Alison.

Later on, it looks like Angelina has been able to take over Gabby’s spot in the former David alliance, because Carl and the others worry that she’s too close with Alison.

Carl decides to tell Gabby that Angelina is the real target so Gabby won’t try to scramble on Alison’s behalf. This seems to be last straw for Christian who is now ready to target Carl.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will run through an obstacle course while retrieving letter blocks. At the end, they’ll use the blocks to create an 11-letter word.

Before the challenge gets underway, Angelina tries to barter with Jeff to get more rice. She offers up a huge variety of things from camp. Probst counters by saying he’ll give them more rice if one person agree to not compete. After a long pause, Angelina agrees to sit out.

The Result: Davie was just barely able to pick up the win over Alison.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

So, the vibe seems to be the same as before the challenge with Davie, Carl, Nick, and Angelina targeting Alison and Christian, Alison, Kara, and Gabby going for Carl…that leaves Mike in the middle.

Mike talks about using his acting skills to deceive people and I keep having flashbacks to “Team America: World Police.”

Tribal Time

There wasn’t much to this Tribal other than a weird analogy comparing the game to different breakfasts. John assumes this was because they were hungry.

Voting Time: Angelina votes for Alison, Carl votes for Alison, Gabby votes for Carl, and the rest of the votes are lost to the magic of editing.

JPro tallies and returns. No idols are played. We’ve got two votes for Alison, two votes for Carl, two votes for Alison, two votes for Carl, and the twelfth person voted out of “Survivor: David vs. Goliath” and the fifth member of the jury is…Carl.

Verdict: I can’t say either of those votes were shocking, but they definitely set the table. Now that Davie and Nick have been blindsided, we’re going to get a taste of what happens when the Davids openly turn on each other.

I can’t wait.


  • Gabby – She got rid of her biggest nuisance, will get credit for the move, and has stirred things up. Well done.
  • Christian – That challenge win was epic. But I don’t know how to rank the Carl vote. You’re not safe with anyone.
  • Alison – You dodged a big bullet, but the fact that you didn’t make a move until you had everything to gain looks bad.
  • Kara – See Alison.
  • Mike – You’re playing the middle of the road, but I don’t think you’re impressing the jury.
  • Nick and Davie – I have to think you two were working toward a final three with Carl. It’ll be interesting to see how you rebound.
  • Angelina – Mike described Angelina’s bartering technique as “In a way she’s right, but she still is aggravating every step of the way.” That might be the best quote to explain why she isn’t going to win this season.

Power Rankings Results: Bradley Kleihege had Alec in spot two and Carl in spot seven, I had Alec in spot ten and Carl in spot seven. So, the current score is Team Bradley 96, Team Gordon 112.

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