“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Episode 11 Recap: Lauren Peace

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (CBS)

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Last Week: Aurora shared her extra vote, Wardog made a bid to become the GOAT, and the remaining returnees grabbed a torch and got on a boat.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribe as it currently stands…

The Vata Tribe (wearing red)
Aurora, 32 – Divorce Lawyer
Gavin, 23 – YMCA Program Director
Julie, 46 – Toymaker
Lauren, 21 – Student
Rick, 33 – Morning News Anchor
Ron, 46 – Teacher
Victoria, 23 – Waitress
Wardog, 38 – Law Student

Post Tribal Shenanigans

Julie gets right to the point, calling out Wardog and Ron for flipping. But, she doesn’t seem too upset about it. Lauren, on the other hand, is furious that Wardog sent her BFF packing.

Later, Gavin tells Rick and Wardog that he’d have rather been in on the vote. Gavin also says he’d rather the sky be blue, water be wet, and tomatoes be gross.

Wardog calls him out on this statement and things get a little heated. Gavin does not like that Wardog is “barking out orders” and “talking to me like a dog.” Well, his name literally has the word “dog” in it. Sniffing your behind might’ve been next.

Gavin approaches Ron and Victoria and says they can have his vote, especially if it’s for Wardog.

In other news, Ron and Julie make peace. And to Julie’s credit, she lets him off the hook saying that it’s good if they don’t always vote together. Good call, Julie. Also, Ron tells her about Aurora’s extra vote.

The following morning, Rick floats the idea of the biggest threats (himself, Ron, and Wardog) working together. Wardog seems like he’s on board, but Ron doesn’t look so sure.

Reward Challenge Time: The tribe will be split into two teams. Two members from each team will swim out to a platform. They’ll then run across the platform, and swim under it. Finally, they’ll retrieve rings and give them to their partners. The first tribe to throw all of their rings onto posts will win a mud bath adventure.

The Teams: Wardog, Rick, Lauren, and Julie vs. Ron, Aurora, Gavin, and Victoria.

Result: Team Wardog/Rick/Lauren/Julie pick up the come-from-behind win thanks to Rick’s hoop tossin’ skills.

At the Isle of Extinction

Huh…Kelley seems bummed that she was voted out and Reem is still irrationally furious at every little thing. Basically what you’d expect.

Seriously, Reem admits that she tried to vote out Kelley, but is still annoyed that Kelley ruined her game. Dude, you’re a superfan. You should know how these things work.

So, once again Reem uses her name as a verb and gives Kelley the business.

At Vata Beach

The former Kama folks that missed out on the reward get a chance to talk strategy. They all seem to agree that Devens time has come. 

That is, until Ron and Aurora get into a fight over rice rationing. Ron even accuses Aurora of being a “Rice Nazi.” Ah…the lesser known “Seinfeld” episode.

At the Mud Bath Adventure

Rick tells us that he doesn’t think the women are playing the game, they’re just floating along.

CUT TO: Julie telling Lauren that they need to shake things up because people don’t think they’re playing.

Lauren and Julie pledge allegiance to each other, but they’re not on the same page on who to vote out. Lauren wants Rick to go first, while Julie is thinking Wardog.

Everyone wants Rick out so…he’s gonna win immunity right?

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will run through an obstacle course while retrieving buoys. Then the first person to complete a star-shaped puzzle will win immunity.

Quick Aside: One of the obstacle involves jumping from item to item without touching the ground. Like playing Lava!

Result: Sure enough,  Rick pulls off the win. And weirdly, he yells “La Cheeserie” after completing the puzzle. This is never addressed again. (Some research has shown that this is some kind of Tony Kornheiser golf reference…so…cool?)

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Now that Rick has immunity, Gavin is giddy because he can put the target squarely on Wardog’s recently muddy back. However, Ron is nervous to get rid of one of the game’s biggest threats.

Wardog thinks his best plan of attack is to go after Aurora. He approaches Ron, Julie, and Rick with this plan. They all seem for it, but Julie has some doubts.

She talks with Lauren and they can’t seem to come to a consensus.

Tribal Time

Quick Aside: This jury is massive. They need like four rows of seating.

Wardog and Gavin throwdown a bit with Wardog calling Gavin out for only wanting to work with him once he had the numbers. Meanwhile, Gavin thinks Wardog has been disrespectful.

Wardog also throws Ron under the (school) bus a bit by telling everyone the role he had in voting out Kelley. Although, I feel like that should be admired.

Another Quick Aside: There seems to be a lot of communicating between the players and the jury. Probably too much.

Voting Time: Wardog votes for Aurora, Gavin votes for Wardog, and the rest of the ballots are sooper secret.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol and…nobody does.

Alright, we’ve got one vote for Aurora, one vote for Wardog, one vote for Aurora, three votes for Wardog, and the twelfth person voted out of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” and the fortieth member of the jury is…Wardog.

Wardog takes the torch and heads off to the Isle of Extinction.

Verdict: This is just the kookiest season. There aren’t any solid alliances, which you think would result in exciting gameplay…except I’m not excited.

And don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of these players, but I’m not seeing a person that makes me think, “Yes! There’s an outstanding winner!”

Ron: It took two episodes, but the steering wheel is firmly back in his hands. Now that’s an accomplishment I’d be happy to present to a jury.
Julie: Color me super impressed with Julie this week. She played Ron perfectly while making inroads with Lauren. Two thumbs up.
Lauren: The last of the Lesu three will probably get some credit for sending Wardog home, but that wasn’t her real goal.
Aurora: It finally feels like you’re in a real alliance, but nobody seems worried about facing you in front of a jury.
Rick: One of the worst places to be in the game is needing to win every immunity, and I’m afraid that’s where you are now.
Gavin: The things you want to happen are happening, but it doesn’t feel like you’re the one making them happen.
Victoria: I can’t give you full credit if you don’t show your work.

Power Ranking Results: Gabby Pascuzzi had Wardog in spot six, while I had him in spot seven. So, the current score is Team Gabby 88, Team Gordon 91.

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