“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Episode 2 Recap: Shake What Your Kama Gave Ya

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (CBS)

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Last Week: Ron got one of potentially several menus, fans of Joe dominating challenges got some good news, and Reem passed on a shower and food to go on a cruise.

39 Days, 18 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand…

The Manu Tribe (wearing blue)
Chris, 25 – District Sales Manager
David, 44 – Television Writer, also appeared on “Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen-X”
Keith, 19 – Pre-Med Student
Kelley, 31 – Marketing Manager, also appeared on “Survivor: San Juan del Sur” and “Survivor: Second Chance”
Lauren, 21 – Student
Rick, 33 – Morning News Anchor
Wardog, 38 – Law Student
Wendy, 25 – Small Business Owner

The Kama Tribe (wearing yellow)
Aubry, 32 – Marketing Director, also appeared on “Survivor: Kaoh Rong” and “Survivor: Game Changers”
Aurora, 32 – Divorce Lawyer
Eric, 34 – Firefighter
Gavin, 23 – YMCA Program Director
Joe, 29 – Multimedia Artist, also appeared on “Survivor: Worlds Apart” and “Survivor: Second Chance”
Julia, 24 – Medical Assistant
Julie, 46 – Toymaker
Ron, 46 – Teacher
Victoria, 23 – Waitress

We kick things off with Reem alone on the Isle of Extinction and she is not a happy camper. She eventually discovers a flag pole with a sign that explains that she just has to raise the flag and a boat will come to take her home. She could also just tell the camera person.

Quick Aside: It’s so dark when the players arrive, I’d just tell any new visitors that if they raise that flag they’ll get a free sandwich.

At Manu Beach

Wendy is once again leading the charge against Kelley, saying if you can’t win it in the first two times, then you can’t do it. Nobody tell “Boston” Rob or Tyson that. David and Rick are listen to her plan, but they’re not ready to make the move just yet.

The tribe decides to go on a team idol hunt to make sure Wendy doesn’t find it and…Lauren is the big winner. Best of all, she manages to discover it without anyone noticing. Way to go, Lauren.

At Kama Beach

Ron leads the team in a…RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING/INSANE…Kama dance/chant. He wants to unveil it at the next challenge La Flor-style. Everybody joins in, with poor Aubry getting some of the most embarrassing choreography.

Aubry tells us that she hates “Kumbaya”-style “Survivor.” Personally, I adore Aubry. But I also kind of adore how much she must’ve hated that dance rehearsal.

Later on, Aubry tries to make some inroads with the newbs, but it is not going well. Victoria, Julia, and Ron compare notes and it seems like she’s making a lot of similar moves with a lot of people.

Finally, we get a very odd segment where most of the Kama men are out hunting for idols.  Victoria, Julie, and Julia notice this, but do nothing. Julie makes the point that they should be out looking themselves, but Victoria is overwhelmed by the enormity of the task.

Immunity Challenge Time: The players will swim to a cage and release a giant, mega-heavy snake. They’ll carry the snake to the beach and maneuver it through an obstacle. They’ll then retrieve a combination from the snake that will release eight rings. The first team to toss all eight rings onto a series of oars will win immunity and their choice of spices and cooking gear or fishing gear.

The Result: Keith…hoo boy…Keith had a rough time. First with the swimming, then with the ring toss. So, Kama wins immunity and they choose the fishing gear.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

What started as a Wendy vs. Kelley conversation pretty quickly turned into a Keith vs. Kelley conversation. Dude, shouldn’t have volunteered to toss those rings. The Wardog in particular is leading the charge to keep the tribe strong.

However, Kelley would rather go after Wendy because she knows Wendy is targeting her.

Keith thanks Chris for being so helpful to him during the challenge and swears complete allegiance to him. This opens up Chris’s eyes to just how valuable someone like Keith could be for his long-term game.

Sooo…now Chris is on-board with the plan to get rid of Kelley. This is music to David’s ears, because he wants Kelley to go, but he doesn’t want to be on the hook if it doesn’t work out.

(Cue: Record Scratch)

Chris takes this new plan to The Wardog…and it seems like the whole thing hits a brick wall. Wardog very smartly points out that Wentworth is an amazing shield.

Tribal Time

Lauren and Kelley are pushing the “we’ve got to stay strong” line of thinking while Keith is espousing the importance of loyalty after the merge.

And uh…the rest is vague and kind of worthless.

Voting Time: No votes are shown. Dun dun dun…

JPro tallies and returns. We’ve got one vote for Kelley, one vote for Keith, one vote for Wendy, two votes for Keith, and the second person voted out of “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” is…Keith.

On his way out, Keith is greeted by the decision to leave the game or go to the Isle of Extinction. He seems torn, but eventually he…


They cut to credits before he decides. Lame.

Verdict: Yeah, not loving the cliffhanger. But, it’s not going to ruin my week to be in the dark regarding Keith’s decision.

Other than that, I still feel like I don’t know much about half the cast.  Let’s see some different lower thirds.

  • Wardog – Hey, he got what he wanted and he knows that Chris is willing to target Kelley. Could be valuable later.
  • Lauren – Congrats on the idol! Here’s hoping you’re able to keep checking things off of that bucket list.
  • David and Rick – I love them letting Chris do their dirty work. Look out for these two.
  • Ron – This grade is strictly for his dance choreography.
  • Wendy – Good job sticking around. It was an uphill battle, but you’ve made some progress.
  • Chris – If I’m Wendy, and I’m in trouble next week, I’m letting Wentworth know how many people were targeting her.
  • Wentworth – You made it, but I don’t know how much of that was because of you and how much was because of The Wardog.
  • Julie, Julia, and Victoria – That idol exchange was just depressing. Get out there! You can do it! Don’t worry about being sneaky! The game rewards sneakiness!
  • Aubry – Having people compare notes and repeat the things you’re saying is a bad place to be.
  • Joe, Aurora, Gavin, and Eric – I can’t give you full credit if you don’t show your work.

Power Ranking Results: Gabby Pascuzzi had Keith in spot sixteen, I had him in spot eleven. So, the current score is Team Gabby 16, Team Gordon 11.

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