“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Fave Reem Daly and Her Mentor Aubry Bracco Accept the Power Rankings Challenge

Reem Daly/Aubry Bracco (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: In keeping with the theme of past greats coming back to mentor the next generation, I’ve invited former Power Ranking superstar Aubry Bracco to provide some advice to this season’s competitor, Reem Daly.

Aubry Bracco: Hi Gordon, thanks for having us! I always get nervous doing this because I don’t want to backseat drive anyone. I know Reem’s the same way. We might bark, but when you get to know us, we’re all gums — no teeth, no bite.

Oh, and on these rankings — you might say I’m advising Reem, but I’ll say it first — she is and always will be the queen of the EOE and of my “Survivor” heart. Here’s to a new season! 

Quick Note: To get ready for this undertaking, we’ve asked “Team EOE” to take a crack at ranking the players based on how likely they are to win the whole game.

1. Jamal:

Reem: Oh, I love him. Just because he always works with adults and kids, and I think he’s going to be patient. I see him as a patient, fun-loving guy. He’ll be a good listener with a smile on his face and an F you in his head.

Aubry: You couldn’t have said it better. “Smile on my face, F you in my head” is my new life mantra. Should we get a matching tat with that saying?

2. Lauren:

Reem: As long as she doesn’t act like she’s their nanny (or mom), she’ll go far. Haha!

Aubry: Well said. For me? Scorpio? Check. Cirie mention? Check? Troyzan mention? Check. Check. CHECK.

3. Vince:

Reem: He’s going to be funny. He’s not going to judge anyone, and he might be more open than the others.

Aubry: Another Cirie mention? I’m an instant fan!

4. Tommy: 

Aubry: He’s doing well. He’s a teacher of children. There are a lot of those on “Survivor.”

Reem: I think he’s going to be super patient. He works with children, so he must have the patience of a saint. He’ll be good dealing with people and their childish B.S. He might win.

5. Elaine:

Reem: I think she’s gonna be super likable. I think she’ll probably maybe buddy up with the guys. I think she is gonna be easier to get along with than most. I like her.

Aubry: I’m with you. There’s something warm and familiar about her. Smile in the front, dagger in the back.

6. Missy:

Reem: I really like this chick. However, if she comes off as a force to be reckoned with, she might get cut off. I like her, and I want her to do well, but she might come off a little too hardcore. 

Aubry: Ditto. I think she would have been fun on a tribe with the two of us! Love her vibe and her fierce desire to be who she is. Plus, who doesn’t love hot tea (especially at Tribal Council)?

Reem: If someone gets on her damn nerves, she’s not going to sit there and smile about it.

7. Elizabeth:

Reem: I think she’ll definitely make it to the merge, but sometimes when people accomplish so much in life, people get weird. I think she’ll tighten up with the girls.

Aubry: I’m with you, Queen Reem. Elizabeth’s had me since the Beijing Olympics, but please hide your gills so nobody has to see you Kevin Costner Waterworlding it off the bat!

8. Jack:

Reem: He went to the same college I went to for grad school!

Aubry: Ah, so do you have him pegged a certain way? I think he’s chill, cool with everyone and goes far.

Reem: He’s super happy-go-lucky, and people might view him as a threat because of that. I think he’ll make it to merge. I don’t think he’ll win. Fly under-the-radar and get to the merge. That’s your goal, Jack.

9. Ronnie:

Aubry: Damn, he’s from Brockton? City of Champions? I have friends from that little slice of Massachusetts, and they’re all tough cookies. He could go either way. What’s your feeling on poker players, Reem?

Reem: The poker player [long pause]. It depends on how he comes off. He may do well because poker players sometimes do, but people may he’s think shady. There’s a strong girl situation here, and they’re not putting up with B.S. I don’t know. I don’t see it happening. He makes the merge. The minute he starts acting smart, the girls get him out.

10. Chelsea:

Aubry: She’s been in casting for how many years? That alone means she can survive! 

Reem: I think she’s young so she can blend in and fit in wherever she needs to. 

Aubry: Do you think she’d let you dry her clothes?

Reem: HA!

11. Dean:

Reem: I knew another sales dude, but he sold solar panels…

Aubry: Are we having flashbacks to your nights on the EOE with a certain someone?  JK. I think he does well. 

12. Molly:

Aubry:  The chaos management could serve her well, but I can’t quite get a read.

Reem: I don’t know. She’s a law student. There are a bunch of law people going on this year, huh? 

Aubry: That law thing can go one of two ways depending on the combination of people.

13. Tom:

Aubry: Whatcha think Reem? I’m worried about the “stubborn” of it all. He says that about himself!

Reem: He might be awesome as long as he doesn’t bro up with the guys. He could play the laid back NHL player, but he probably doesn’t want people to know. I think he’ll be fine, but if he’s too stubborn, these girls aren’t going to play with it. Step back, and allow these women to take control.

14. Kellee:

Aubry: She’s not going to enjoy trying to sleep on “Survivor,” I can guarantee that. 

Reem: I don’t know. She likes to make difficult things fun…huh. I’m not sure that’s enough. I hate first impressioning on people.

15. Karishma:

Reem: She might need to work on downplaying her fierceness because she might come off a little strong. She’s going to be fun to watch. 

Aubry: 100%. Her use of the word “impulsive” scares me bit for her. For her sake I hope she doesn’t have any ‘impulsive dialogues!’

16. Noura:

Reem: She’s local to me, so I wish her the best, however, everybody thinks they have social skills. I thought mine were amazing! 

Aubry: She’s here to compete.  That might scare some people. She’s loves frogs! I love frogs! They’re my homies.

Reem: Bro, you would.

17. Jason:

Reem: He is from New York, so he may come off a little strong. He even says it! I think he may feel the need to be a little in charge. I’ll say it again, their Tribal Councils are going to be (expletive deleted) amazing with all these lawyers.

Aubry: I’m very down with his pet peeves, but I’m not sure how this is going to work, the whole Cesternino with a side of Tony thrown in. All I can hear in my head is Rob doing his Vlachos impression.

18. Aaron:

Reem: I’m reading his bio and he says he’s attractive? Who says that? I’m going to leave it as that.

Aubry: There are no mirrors on “Survivor” until maybe Day 39, and that’s if the “Survivor” gods are feeling generous. I’m not sure being attractive to yourself is enough. Yeah, I’m worried his intention and how he’s perceived might not line up.

19. Janet:

Aubry: I feel badly saying this. I love you, Janet. But laziness and wastefulness are a peeve? That’s going to be a challenge in the kitchen. Paging EOE Queen Reem — how do you feel about her? I feel like you could hang.  

Reem: She’s used to being in charge, and she may have a hard time remembering not to be the boss. I don’t like lazy (expletive deleted) people either, don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have her on my tribe.

20. Dan:

Aubry: Uh oh, he used the word “superior” in his bio. I’m nervous for him. I hope I’m wrong.

Reem: Maybe the “attractive” and “superior” guy should hang out. 

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