“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Power Rankings Round 1: Wendy’s Next Manu-ever Edition

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (CBS)

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn. For example, if Joe is voted out this episode, Gabby will receive two points and Gordon will receive five points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Power Rankings Challenge Champion.

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Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank players based on how safe you think they are in the upcoming vote.

Gabby’s Score: 0

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Gordon’s Score: 0

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1. Ron: Mr. Clark has found an advantage that all but guarantees his survival until at least the third Tribal Council. I think he’s safe regardless, so he shouldn’t need to use it this week. 1. Ron: I hope you’re comfortable in this slot, Ron. Because unless you have to burn that immunity advantage this week, I’ll be putting you here again.
2. Joe: Joe’s tribe would be insane to get rid of him so early in the game, when he single-handedly gave them the lead that secured their victory last immunity challenge. 2. Gavin: Lookit Eric talking about Joe being a shield when he doesn’t realize that he’s a big ol’ shield himself. Gavin is golden for now.
3. Chris: Athletic men have an early advantage in the pre-merge, so I think Chris, who didn’t ruffle any feathers in his position in the majority last week, will be just fine. 3. Aurora: Being Joe’s best bud is a good place to be right now. One, the odds are you won’t be going to Tribal. Two, if you do and the tide turns against the Amazing One, they’ll probably target Aubry first.
4. Gavin: Buddying up with Eric and using Joe as a shield seems like a solid strategy. Eyes shouldn’t be on Gavin for a while. 4. Chris: Well, hey there, buddy. I’m assuming we didn’t hear much from you because the premiere wasn’t four hours long?
5. Aurora: She’s got a good plan to buddy up with the returnees. I think that’s the best strategy early on, because they’ll show you the ropes and take the attention away from you. 5. Joe: You should be safe until the first tribe swap. You’re like a young Ozzy Lusth without young Ozzy’s social game weakness. But, I’m always worried that someone on your tribe is going to try to play too hard, too fast.
6. Victoria: Even though she’s a superfan, I don’t think she’s starstruck or overthinking things, and she seems willing to make a move against whoever she needs to. 6. Julia: I need more Julia in my life! Hazleton, PA represent!
7. Julia: We didn’t hear much from Julia last week, but we have no reason to believe she won’t be included in whatever the majority decision would be if her tribe loses. 7. Victoria: She seems very cool. And as a 42-year-old, I certainly know what cool is. Right, fellow kids? She just needs to hang back and let the game come to her.
8. Eric: I like where his head is with not letting the returnees get too far in the game; I’m just hoping it doesn’t backfire on him if he decides to lead a charge against Aubry. 8. Rick: Do I like Rick? Well, to quote my favorite animated pitcher of sugar water, “Oh Yeah!” He’s funny and non-threatening. He’s going to be good for a while.
9. Rick: Devens is in the Manu majority, and he’s doing a good job of still socializing with those on the outs. Keeping your options open is smart this early in the game. 9. Wardog: I feel like some kind of barking needs to a happen anytime someone says this dude’s nickname. Anywho, he’s got a good little thing going with David. They should keep that up, because they’re going to need each other.
10. Wardog: He’s a little rough around the edges, but not as frenetic as I was worried he might be. If he can avoid the temptation of being a leader, he should be okay. 10. Lauren: “Oh my God! I’ve seen soccer on TV!” Just teasing you, Lauren. You’ve proven that you can go in challenges and you’re having no problems making friends. You should be good for a while.
11. Julie: I’m hoping that Julie talking about her lack of outdoors experience is the beginning of a longer growth arc for her – otherwise, that weakness may be used as an excuse to get rid of her if Kama loses the next immunity challenge. 11. Keith: Keith saw the writing on the wall with Reem, and he made the best choice for his game. Good for you, buddy. You can’t win this game on day three, but you can certainly lose it. Well, you used to be able to lose it on day three.
12. Aubry: I’m nervous for Aubry as her tribe starts to get antsy about having the returnees around. While Joe will be kept for challenge strength, Aubry might be more expendable. 12. Eric: One of the best lessons to be learned from Hall of Famer Sandra Diaz-Twine is this; don’t be the person saying names early. If this Aubry thing backfires, the target will be on you.
13. David: Please, please don’t let David and Kelley turn on each other this early! David has said he’d like to keep Kelley around as a shield, so I hope he sticks to the plan, for the betterment of both their games. 13. Aubry: The big trade-off seems to be that returning players have a big experience advantage over newbs, but there’s always a reason to get rid of a returning player. Aubry is smart and fun, but she’s never going to be safe. I’ll feel better ranking her higher when I see who she’s working with.
14. Kelley: I really hope the teaser of Kelley being targeted is just a decoy. It’s too soon for her to leave – I need more of her sass on my screen. If she does find herself in a tough spot, she’s probably crafty enough to weasel her way out. 14. David: I forgot how much of a joy David is to watch on this show. And, I really like the idea of his partnership with The Wardog. (It should be “The Wardog” right? “Wardog” alone isn’t doing it for me.) But, like I said above, returnees are never safe.
15. Lauren: Unfortunately, she and Kelley have been outed as a power duo. In case the tribe tries to break up the couple, they may target the person they suspect less of having an idol. 15. Kelley: David’s comment in the trailer has me a bit nervous, but I get it. The returnees were divided intentionally with one physical threat and one strategic threat. With his tribe’s physical threat gone, he’ll be able to better blend in.
16. Keith: Was that swimming lesson enough for Keith to quickly swim away from the sinking ship that was Reem? Or will he be doggy-paddling his way to the island of extinction? 16. Julie: It’s probably not a great sign when all we see of you is you having trouble around camp. I don’t think you’re done for, being on Joe’s tribe does have advantages, but I could see you being an easy target if Kama loses immunity.
17. Wendy: I loved Wendy in the premiere, but I worry that she dug her feet in at the wrong time. Demonstrating your loyalty to an ally is great, but not to someone who’s definitely going home, and not when it clearly signals to the majority that you’re against them. 17. Wendy: Yeah, Lyrsa and Elizabeth were able to make the outcast best buds things work for a while, but that’s tough tightrope to walk. Seeing as the vote was basically 7 to 2, you should’ve worked with the Wardog.

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