“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Power Rankings Round 6 – Amazing Fallout Edition

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (CBS)

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn. For example, if David is voted out this episode, Gabby Pascuzzi will receive four points and Gordon Holmes will receive five points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Power Rankings Challenge Champion!

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Last Week: Gabby Pascuzzi had Joe in spot ten, Gordon Holmes had Joe in spot twelve. Neither of us guessed the correct Edge of Extinction returnee. So, the current score is Team Gabby 57, Team Gordon 55.

Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank players based on how safe you think they are in the upcoming vote.

Gabby’s Score: 57

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Gordon’s Score: 55

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

1. Kelley: Putting the minority group in the top half of the rankings? You must be crazy, Gabby! Well, not any crazier than the Kama Six who should realize that because they don’t have any idols, the other side must have them.Quick Aside: I might be super psyched to have scored “Avengers: Endgame” tickets this morning.

1. Lauren is the Black Widow: Some may view her as a sidekick, but she’s shown she has the physical and social skills to get the job done. And if this ragtag group is going to pull together to defeat the unified six, they’re going to need her.
2. Lauren: I mean really, the only idols in play are owned by three out of five of the non-Kama-ites. Kama-zens? If an idol isn’t played this tribal, I’ll send myself to the Edge of Extinction.2. Kelley is Thor: She’s had a terrible run of luck lately. But, with her flowing blonde hair and her shiny new weapon, she’s in a good position to aim for the head of the Kama six.
3. Rick: My over-analyzing of the preview is this: Rick realizes no one will expect the Lesu minority to work together again after voting against each other last time…3. Rick is Ant Man: Yeah, he’s been gone a while and most just view him as comedy relief, but he’s still got a big role to play.
4. David: …The formerly-fractured Lesu sees that they were pitted against each other by the Kama Six, and mends fences…4. Aurora is Iron Man: Drifting off on her own…her best buddy turned to dust. She needs to find herself a home quickly.
5. Wardog: …They target someone from the majority, idoling them out. At least, that’s what I’m hoping will happen. For the sake of my Power Rankings score, if not to avoid a boring Pagonging.5. David is Rocket Raccoon: Some people are going to look at this guy and just see a common raccoon…who can talk…and wears clothes. (Stick with me.) But underestimating this guy is a mistake. This little guy is capable of brilliant strategies and mass chaos.
6. Julie: I’m glad Julie was wearing the immunity necklace last week, because we got to see a confident, assertive side of her. The good thing is she doesn’t come across as commandeering; plus, she was one of the people who extended an olive branch to Rick.  6. Julia is the Space Stone: The Red Skull touched the Space Stone and vanished for a long time. In fact, he didn’t get any screen time for years.
7. Victoria: It’s smart to not fight too hard to get your way this early in the game! And I’m glad whoever collapses isn’t you.7. Victoria is the Reality Stone: A player possessing the ability to effortless pull the wool over a three-time player’s eyes? So dangerous.
8. Julia: I wish I knew more about who Julia was aligned with, but she seems comfortably in the middle of the group making the decisions.8. Wardog is the Hulk: The perfect mix of brains and brawn has been having trouble getting his brawn side to show up. He’s this low on the list in case the Kama Six figure out where the idols are.
9. Gavin: There are times it is good to be viewed as someone’s (Eric’s) sidekick, and that time is now, when people are looking to take down the big guys.9. Julie is the Soul Stone: The soul stone requires a great sacrifice. And last week Julie sacrificed her anonymity. She stepped up as a big-time player with her challenge win and driving the vote.
10. Aurora: She either chose not to vote against Joe, or was left out of the Kama plan. Either way, time to abandon ship and pledge allegiance to the other side.10. Gavin is the Time Stone:    
Right now, Gavin’s biggest asset is time. If the Classic Manu/Aurora alliance can make things happen, he probably won’t be the first target.
11. Eric: See Ron, except Eric gets +1 safety because he’s not calling himself the puppet-master in confessional.11. Ron is the Mind Stone: He played Joe like a fiddle, he convinced the Kama six to change their votes, and he got Aubry to dance. Unfortunately, his greatest asset puts a target on his back.
12. Ron: If I were ranking based solely on power, Ron wouldn’t be this low. He obviously has an immense amount of power among the Kama Six, having been able to sway the vote to Joe. However, if my predicted plan I described earlier goes down, the leader of the overly-confident group should be targeted.12. Eric is The Power Stone: Kelley and Lauren trusted Kama enough to not play their idols last week. I don’t anticipate them doing it again. And, the most likely target is the biggest, strongest challenge threat.

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