“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Power Rankings Round 9: Returnee-Free Edition

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (CBS)

The Rules: Each week our two combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn. For example, if Rick is voted out this episode, Gabby Pascuzzi will receive seven points and Gordon Holmes will receive eight points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Power Rankings Challenge Champion!

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Last Week: Gabby Pascuzzi had David in spot six, while Gordon Holmes had him in spot seven. They both had Kelley in spot one. (Blindside!) So, the current score is Team Gabby 82, Team Gordon 84.

Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank players based on how safe you think they are in the upcoming vote.

Gabby’s Score: 82

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Gordon’s Score: 84

Any questions for Gordon? Drop him a line on Twitter: @gordonholmes

1. Lauren: Putting Kelley in my #1 spot last week may not have turned out well, but I’m putting all my eggs in Lauren’s basket this week! She will now be on high alert about not going home with an idol in her pocket.1. Lauren: Two of the most savvy players to ever wear a buff were voted out with an idol in their pockets. Hopefully that’s a warning to Lauren to use hers if she feels the mood changing.
2. Julie: I said this a few weeks ago, but I have high hopes that Julie can win. She’s been severely underestimated (interesting how people tend to do that when you wear your emotions on your sleeve) and now in the preview she’s raising a rebellion against the alpha males? I’m here for it.2. Victoria: I’m thinking Victoria is a vote for hire right now. She doesn’t seem to have any real footing with anyone, but everyone is so desperate for votes, she can bounce in and out of alliances.
3. Victoria: I have to admit that this season is very confusing to me. I can’t track the alliances, if they even exist. Victoria has been one of the most individualistic players so far, which seems beneficial among this particular crop of players.3. Julie: Yeah, Ron voted without you last week, but are you really going to be that upset to see Kelley gone? At this point, there are so many big targets, you’ll need to do anything you can to be a key component in getting one of them out.
4. Gavin: Gavin’s also been shown to go wherever the numbers are, playing a similarly individualistic game. That unfortunately means he doesn’t seem to have strong allies (that we know of), but also that he’s flexible enough to avoid the axe.4. Gavin: It really looked like Gavin was going to take over this game after the merge, but it just never happened. If he’s going to do something, he needs to do it quick.
5. Ron: He had an amazing recovery after being blindsided and taking a backseat. However, he voted differently from his closest ally, Julie, who seems to be mounting an insurrection against the big threats.5. Aurora: Yeah, Ron is tempted to boot you so he can keep your extra vote, but your actual vote is way too valuable at this point. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I like Aurora’s move of handing it off to Ron.
6. Wardog: As much as it appears Wardog has insane amounts of power, having been able to sway the last several votes his way, he’s now gotten rid of all his shields and has emerged as one of the biggest threats remaining.6. Ron: So, if Ron keeps Julie, leverages the extra vote to work with Aurora, and gets Victoria and Gavin to hop on board, he’ll be in business. But, I could see people wanting to break him and Julie up.
7. Rick: As the biggest social and jury threat heading into the endgame, people have to be looking at Rick as someone they need to get out sooner rather than later.7. Wardog: The Wardog can win “Survivor.” I didn’t think I’d say that at the beginning of the season, but here we are. Some may say he’s too abrasive, but there’s a difference between being a jerk and being “our jerk.” I think the Wardog is gruff, but probably liked. Anywho, this whole thing puts a mega target on his back.
8. Aurora: I’m very impressed with Aurora’s ability to avoid not one, but two boots last episode. But there is never a time I will consider Aurora safe with how much her name has been thrown out there. If the “threat alliance” previewed for this episode takes out the so-called “goats,” she could be offered up as tribute.8. Rick: A lovable guy who’s making things happen? Does he have a tightrope walk to the end? Oh yeah.

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