“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” Returnee Aubry Bracco Discusses the Game’s First Three Episodes

“Survivor: Edge of Extinction” (CBS)

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Time will tell how well the “Edge of Extinction” will play out. But, one thing’s for sure; you don’t get many exit interviews when people aren’t exiting the game.

However, the good folks at CBS were worried about fans not getting their weekly word association fix. So, they allowed me to ask a couple of questions to one of my all-time faves, to get her take on the game’s first three episodes…

Gordon Holmes: It got a little dusty in the Holmes household when you found the idol for a few reasons; your heartfelt reaction, the fact that you’re Power Rankings royalty, and the stats about how men find waaaay more idols than women. I know you’re very well versed in your “Survivor” history, so were you thinking of that at all?
Aubry Bracco: YES. I was thinking of ALL of the above (especially the Power Rankings). That moment was so profoundly special to me. The footage of me hunting for idols in my prior seasons was so cool to see — it was like looking into a time capsule a few years before the expiration date — an unexpected yet welcomed gift. I will never forget the hunt for the idol. I worked for it, and I worked for it hard. And, all the while, I was talking to Tai. On former seasons, I have had a very close bond with Tai. I’m a big believer in psychic connections between people, and Tai and I have just that. He was with me during that search. When I found the idol, it was like the past four years of my life — like all my seasons of “Survivor” were compressed into that single moment, every high and every low. When you saw me find the idol, that’s what you saw — the last four years of my life in a single moment.

Holmes: We haven’t seen very much from the Kama tribe at this point, who would have been your targets if the original Kama had gone to Tribal?
Bracco: I would not have had any say in who went home. I would have had to play the “anyone but me” card. If they were not aiming at me, it would have been Aurora. I knew she was in their crosshairs. If I could have picked anyone to go, I wanted Julia out. Though she told me she related to me, and she was a kind person, I didn’t feel we could work together in the combination of people we were in. In that Kama tribe, she would have never have been on my side.

Holmes: Was there a lot of discussion about what “Edge of Extinction” means? If so, what were your best guesses?
Bracco: Not as much as there should have been! Everyone just kept referring back to Jeff’s initial introduction on the boat, when Jeff said the four returning players had gotten close (to the edge), but hadn’t won. I always found the dude with the shipwreck and a single torch emblazoned on our buffs sort of suspect, but hey, that’s just me.

Holmes: Ron Clark is a huge deal in the educational community. Did anyone realize you were dancing with such a prominent figure?
Bracco: Ron kept his notoriety on the down low. I didn’t know how many accolades he’d received, but I DID know he was an incredibly special human. I adored him almost instantly in the kind of way I’d initially bonded with Tai. That said, I think he was smart about keeping his notoriety quiet. Whether people like to admit it or not, everyone fancies themselves the center of a season’s “Survivor” story. If these players knew Ron had been on Oprah and had a movie made about his life — he’d probably be on honorary returnee status — a potential threat to airtime.

Holmes: OK, for the first time ever, we’re going to do some in-game word association! At this point in the game, what is the best word to describe Joe?
Bracco: Brother.
Holmes: Aurora?
Bracco: Outspoken.
Holmes: Victoria?
Bracco: Playing.
Holmes: Julia?
Bracco: Cordial.
Holmes: Julie?
Bracco: Excited.
Holmes: Gavin?
Bracco: Superfan.
Holmes: Ron?
Bracco: Dumbledore.
Holmes: And, let’s finish off with Eric.
Bracco: Deliberate

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