“Survivor: Island of the Idols” Episode 13 Recap – Troubled Season Gets Worse

“Survivor: Island of the Idols” (CBS)
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Last Week: Some loved ones were shown the door-a, Dean went and sold out Noura, and Karishma is around no more-a. 39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog Alright, let’s check out the tribe as it currently stands. The Lumuwaku Tribe
  • Dan, 48 – Talent Manager
  • Dean, 28 – Tech Sales
  • Elaine, 41 – Factory Worker
  • Janet, 59 – Chief Lifeguard
  • Lauren, 28 – Nanny
  • Noura, 36 – Entrepreneur
  • Tommy, 26 – 4th-Grade Teacher
Post-Tribal Shenanigans Tommy is understandably annoyed that he would have been blindsided if Dean hadn’t spoken up. Noura swears up and down that she was never going to vote for Tommy and claims that Dean is “sick in the head.” She’s so mad that she places his prized sneakers on the tribe flag where he can’t reach them. Good thing Sandra didn’t teach her the lesson of throwing personal items in the fire. Although, I will give Noura mad credit for referring to his shoes as “lost soles.” Idol Adventures We’ve got a few separate crews looking for the idol; Dean and Elaine are searching, and so are Tommy and Janet (or “Tommy and his mommy” as Tommy refers to them). Nope, I don’t like that one bit. Anywho, Mommy…er…Janet…manages to find another idol. However, she isn’t very slick about it as Dean and Elaine see her showing it to Tommy. C’mon, Janet… Later on, Elaine plants the bug in Lauren’s head that Tommy is going to have her make fire at the final four. Lauren approaches Tommy with this theory and he quickly shoots it down. However, he later reveals to us that he knows he can’t take Lauren to the end. He then says that he doesn’t get to lie much because he’s a teacher, but he’s actually pretty good at it. Whatever, I had a teacher try to tell me that my face would get stuck if I stuck my tongue out. In other news, Dan tells us that he has a final three with Dean and Tommy. Ugh… Island of the Idols The boat arrives with a bag of names. A random person is drawn and Dean is sent to meet up with the two former members of the Villains tribe. Hilariously, Dean shows off the clever move where he pretended to burn the legacy advantage. Sandra and Rob both know that it’s a fake, buuuuut they aren’t allowed to say anything about it. Dean asks them to verify the advantage, and they smartly say that Probst is the only who can make that call. Probst should have one of those counterfeit verification pens like they have at the grocery store. Dean also floats the idea of getting everyone to vote for him so he can impress the jury by playing his advantage. Rob thinks this is crazy, but I’m not sure if he tried to dissuade him. Quick Aside: Dean has his sneakers back, so I guess Noura’s plan wasn’t too diabolical. The lesson this week is jury management, however Rob doesn’t give Dean the heads up about proposing to your final two ally. Classic move. Island of the Idols Challenge: Rob will flip a coin, if Dean guesses which side it lands on, he will win an extra vote, an idol nullifier, or an idol you need to play for someone else. If Dean loses, he will forfeit his next vote. Uh…a coin toss? Dean decides to play the game and wins. It was very exciting. The most exciting flip of currency in television history. He decides to take the idol nullifier. Back at camp, Dean explains to the crew that he lost his vote betting on a coin flip. Later, he tells Tommy, Lauren, and Dan the truth. This proves to be bad news for dear ol’ Dean, because it shows Tommy that Dean is capable of some real deception. Immunity Challenge Time: Players will run while unspooling a large…spool…of rope. From there, they’ll run over a net and a balance beam while retrieving puzzle pieces. The first person to complete the word puzzle will win immunity. Quick Aside: Elaine doesn’t like words. Result: Dean pulls off the win, barely edging out a word hatin’ Elaine to claim individual immunity. Pre-Tribal Politicking The plan starts off with a split vote between Noura and Elaine with the majority of the votes going on Elaine. However, Elaine is trying to get Janet and Lauren to vote for Noura because then Elaine would definitely be the next to go. Sooo…keep me because I’m a threat? Interesting. Tribal Time Elaine once again reiterates that she should be kept because she’ll be voted out next. It even seems like Janet and Lauren are somewhat swayed. Things get really emotional with Elaine breaking down. Everyone seems very supportive of her, but I doubt they’re going to change their vote. Voting Time: Noura votes for Elaine, Dan votes for Noura, Dean votes for Elaine, and Elaine votes for Noura. No other votes are shown. Probst tallies and returns and… Commercial?! Be sure to drink your Ovaltine?! Alright, we’ve got one vote for Elaine, one vote for Noura, one vote for Elaine, one vote for Noura, one vote for Elaine and the fourteenth person voted out of “Survivor: Island of the Idols” and the eighth member of the jury is…Elaine. Oh…and now we’re back at camp the next morning. Jeff shows up, much to everyone’s surprise, and tells the group that Dan is now out of the game. He won’t be a member of the jury either. And before we can process this mess, the episode cuts to black with this message… “Dan was removed from the game after a report of another incident, which happened off-camera and did not involve a player.” Note: I reached out to CBS for a statement or a word from Jeff Probst. I was told there was no statement at this time and Jeff will not be doing any additional press. Verdict: I don’t have any clever wrap up for this. I’m just ready for this trainwreck to be over. Put on the skis, cue the shark. #Shouldaslepton39
  • Tommy: If Janet and Lauren won’t flip, then he’s running the show. It’s his to win.
  • Janet and Lauren: Maybe things are different with Dan now out of the game, but it looks like one of you is next and the other will have fire-making in your future.
  • Dean: That legacy advantage plan of having everyone vote for you is like watching a car crash in slow motion.
  • Noura: Nobody is worried about taking you to the end.
  • Dan: Seriously, what the (expletive deleted) happened?
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