“Survivor: Island of the Idols” Episode 2 Recap – Noura Done?

“Survivor: Island of the Idols” (CBS)

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Last Week: The Olympian won the silver, the factory worker started a female union, and the poker player had to fold.

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor” Blog

Alright, let’s check out the tribes as they currently stand.

The Lairo Tribe (wearing orange)

  • Aaron, 36 – Gym Owner
  • Chelsea, 26 – Digital Content Creator
  • Dean, 28 – Tech Sales
  • Elaine, 41 – Factory Worker
  • Elizabeth, 26 – Olympic Medalist
  • Karishma, 37 – Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Missy, 24 – Air Force Veteran
  • Tom, 60 – Former NHL Player
  • Vince, 27 – Admissions Counselor

The Vokai Tribe (wearing purple)

  • Dan, 48 – Talent Manager
  • Jack, 23 – Graduate Student
  • Jamal, 33 – College Administrator
  • Janet, 59 – Chief Lifeguard
  • Jason, 32 – Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Kellee, 29 – MBA Student
  • Lauren, 28 – Nanny
  • Molly, 27 – Law Student
  • Noura, 36 – Entrepreneur
  • Tommy, 26 – 4th-Grade Teacher

Post-Tribal Shenanigans

Whoa…we get a weird flash-forward of Noura yelling at her tribe, Aaron being frustrated, and Kellee crying. This is, of course, different than the flash forward we saw last week that spoiled which team was going to Tribal Council.

Anywho, we meet up with Lairo after Tribal and Aaron is not is not psyched about the vote. Not content to ever be chill ever, Vince rips into Aaron for voting for him. Dude, you just won 8 to 2. Maybe it’s time to hang back a bit.

Aaron tries to play it cool, saying he wasn’t that close with Ronnie, but he fails. He has a little chat with Missy and freaks out about how he doesn’t trust anyone anymore. Missy, to her credit, does a decent job of talking him down.

Missy also lets us know that the lady alliance is in full effect. And as if having the numbers wasn’t enough, Chelsea manages to snag herself a hidden immunity idol.

Later on, the tribe is struggling to make fire and Chelsea manages to do that too! Wait, why didn’t Elizabeth make the fire? She has all that idol training…

Also, Tom’s male ego is a tad bruised by Chelsea’s accomplishment. Wait, men are supposed to excel at making fire? Does testosterone help ignite the coconut husk?

Noura Will Annoy-ya

Over at Vokai, Noura is not happy that she was the one who kept the fire going during the rain. She seems to be browbeating Missy and Kellee for not coming to her aid. At any rate, the others seem to find her very grating.

We’re then treated a montage of Noura giving everyone tips about how they can help around camp. Now, this is all very useful advice, but the manner in which she delivers it seems to be very condescending.

Noura also has a real problem with Molly. She compares Molly to the popular girl in school that all of the guys like, but is kind of useless. Noura continues this analogy by saying that she feels like a nerd who isn’t allowed in the popular clique. Yeah, but the nerds don’t berate the popular kids for not tending the fire…er…homecoming float. I dunno.

Jason tries to talk Noura down, asking her to relax a bit. She eventually promises to do what she can to let things slide.

As they continue their conversation, it seems like Molly, Jack, and Jamal are the power within the tribe.

Island of the Idols

A boat arrives with the news that Kellee will be the next visitor to the Island of the Idols. Upon arrival, Kellee wonders if she’s going to run into Cochran out there. He actually was the first choice to be out there, but they couldn’t get the giant bust of Cochran out of Probst’s backyard.

Anywho, she is blown away when she realizes that “Boston” Rob and Sandra are the idols. They take her inside and have a long conversation where they talk about each others’ lives and interests.

This all leads us to the Idols’ lesson; they tell Kellee how important it is to get to know your tribemates. Oh, that’s a lesson?

Island of the Idols Challenge: Kellee will be asked five questions about the chit-chat she just had with “Boston” Rob and Sandra. If she gets four questions correct, she’ll earn an idol that’s good for her next two Tribals. If she loses, she’ll forfeit her vote at her next Tribal Council.

Kellee isn’t sure she should participate in the challenge, so Rob sweetens the deal by telling her she only needs to get three questions right, and the idol will be bumped up to three Tribals.

Kellee decides to accept the new terms.

The Result: Kellee got the first three questions correct to claim the immunity idol.

Quick Aside: One of the questions was about the military branch that Sandra’s husband serves in. Sandra is literally wearing an Army hat.

Seriously, the next question should have been; what’s “Boston” Rob’s favorite baseball team?

When Kellee arrives back at camp, she does not tell the tribe about Rob and Sandra. (Which I disagree with! They’re all going to learn eventually!) She also claims that she didn’t win an idol. She offers to strip or empty her bag to prove that she’s empty handed, but her tribe believes her.  Later on, she shows us that her idol is tucked away in her hair. That’s genius.

Immunity Challenge Time: Six members from each tribe will swim out and retrieve a submerged ladder. They’ll then use the ladder to retrieve a bag of balls. The first tribe to roll all three balls up a table and into specified targets will win immunity and spices.

Lauren will sit out for Vokai.

The Result: Lairo jumped out to a big lead and never gave it up. Vokai will go to Tribal Council.

Pre-Tribal Policking

Early on, it looks like everyone is going to be splitting the votes between Jason and Noura in case Jason’s early idol hunting was successful.

Ooo…and it looks like Jamal has a swollen eyelid. Ouch.

Jamal likes the idea that he Molly and Jack are an under-the-radar force. Buuuuut apparently they aren’t low enough because Lauren doesn’t love the fact that the trio is wielding so much power. She approaches Kellee and Janet with the idea of blindsiding Molly, and it looks like they’re onboard.

Jason and Noura are into it too, not surprisingly. Noura calls it the “Revenge of the Nerds,” but Jason earns mega points with me by calling it “Freaks and Geeks.” McKinley High School for life.

Noura decides to celebrate their good fortune by dancing where she can be seen by others. Jason asks her to stop so as to not tip the tribe off…but she does it again! 

Janet approaches Tommy with the plan to boot Molly, but he’s not thrilled because he’s buddies with Jack and Jamal.

Tribal Time

Jason swears up and down that he doesn’t have an idol, even dumping his bag on the ground. He also points out that Jamal didn’t bother to bring his bag.

Jamal admits he isn’t playing fast, he thinks “Survivor” is a slow burn. Jason doesn’t have that luxury. Jamal says that Jason does needs to play fast based on his position in the tribe.

Lauren thinks the game is already in fourth gear. Uh-oh…

Noura says that she’s used to being on the outs. But, Dan doesn’t think they’re going to vote based on who’s annoying today.

Voting Time: Jamal votes for Jason, Molly votes for Noura, and Noura votes for Molly. The rest of the votes are secret.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol and…nobody does. Alright, we’ve got one vote for Jason, one vote for Noura, one vote for Molly, one vote for Jason, three votes for Molly, and the second person voted out “Survivor: Island of the Idols” is…Molly.

Quick Aside: I’m all in on Rob and Sandra’s little cubby hole as long as it provides reactions like this…

Verdict: I’m still not sold on the Island of the Idols. I love me some “Boston” Rob and Sandra, but I need more than “learn about your tribemates.” It’s all very “Survivor” 101 at this point. Let’s see some advanced classes.

That being said, this cast is fire. Loving it.

  • Lauren: I’m not always the biggest fan of making mega moves on that first vote, but she booted a rival, made some nerdy friends, and split Tommy from his bros. Well done.
  • Chelsea: Who says women can’t find idols? High five.
  • Missy: My winner pick is the queen of reaching out to those in need. Love her.
  • Kellee: Hiding the idol in your hair was a thing of beauty.
  • Jason: You managed to weather that early storm and now there are a lot more targets. Unfortunately, you’re going to have a tough time reining in your dance partner.
  • Dan: It looks like you’ve managed to mend your ways from last week. Kellee seemed very accepting of your hug when she returned from the Island of the Idols.
  • Tommy: I worry that your tribe made the big move too quickly. I think you should’ve pushed to delay that for a vote or two. Now Jamal and Jack won’t trust you.
  • Vince: Nobody likes to get votes at Tribal, but it was not the time for you to go after Aaron.
  • Aaron: Your reaction after Tribal was the opposite of what you should have been doing. Yeah, your feelings are hurt, but there are still eight more innings left in this game.
  • Jamal: You and Jack both took a big hit, but it seemed like a more high-profile hit for you.
  • Noura: There’s a difference between a Lambda getting bullied by an Alpha Beta and people not wanting to hang around someone who’s kind of a jerk.
  • Janet, Dean, Elaine, Tom, Karishma, Elizabeth, Jack: I can’t give you full credit if you don’t show your work.

Power Rankings Results: Reem Daly and Aubry Bracco had Molly in spot five, while I had her in spot twelve. So, the current score is Team EOE: 5, Team Holmes 12.

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