“Survivor: Island of the Idols” Power Rankings Round 4 – Drop Them Buffs Edition

“Survivor: Island of the Idols” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week our combatants will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn. For example, if Dan is voted out this episode, Reem and Aubry will receive fourteen points and Gordon will receive eleven points. At the end of the season, the team with the most points will be named the “Survivor: Island of the Idols” Power Rankings Challenge Champion!

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Last Week: Reem Daly and Aubry Bracco had Chelsea in spot eleven, while Gordon Holmes had her in spot nine. So, the current score is Team EOE: 32, Team Holmes 39.

Quick Note: Rankings are not based on who the player thinks is most likely to win. The smart strategy is to rank players based on how safe you think they are in the upcoming vote.


Reem and Aubry’s Score: 32

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Gordon’s Score: 39

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1. Kellee: 

Aubry: I’m loving Kellee. She’s in a good spot – under-the-radar, has an idol, commenting on Noura’s antics. She sees the whole field. I’m feeling good for Kellee.

Reem: You got so lucky with Noura going there, Kellee, but you played it perfectly. Nice work.

1. Jamal: OK, ranking tribe swaps is the absolute worst. So, I’m putting Jamal as number one because he’s got an idol and he’s already had his bell rung, so he’s not going to be afraid to use it.
2. Lauren: 

Reem: I love Lauren. Everything she does makes me smile. She doesn’t stir the pot. Everything she does she makes sense, and everybody agrees. East to be with. Easy to agree with.

Aubry:  Amen. I couldn’t have articulated that any better.

2. Kellee: She’s got an idol, nobody’s worried about her, she’s gonna be here next week. It might serve her well to have a conversation with Elizabeth to get their Island of the Idols stories straight if they end up on the same tribe.
3. Tommy: 

Aubry: The fact that he’s so aware of his threat level and need to tone it down bodes well for the swap and merge.

Reem: Silence is golden.

3. Tom: It seems like Tom is doing a good job being the lovable, not-pushing-his-agenda-too-hard dad. That’s not a bad place to be.
4. Jamal: 

Reem: I’m surprised but impressed he had the guts to be separated from the group knowing he felt alienated before.

Aubry: Totally. You never leave one person at camp, and he took advantage of it.

Nice job on the idol! Now don’t be a me (leaving it in your pocket).

4. Lauren: Telling Noura to have a seat at the challenge is one of the coldest things I’ve ever seen on this show. And, it tells me that you’re confident enough with your tribe to make such a bold move.
5. Tom: 

Aubry: A hockey player with a plant/flower in his hair?  Check and check! #TeamTom.

Reem: I can’t unsee Putin. Everyone keeps posting photos of him and Putin.

5. Tommy: Tommy looks like a physical threat, but he’s smart enough to lay low during this swap. He’s not going to rock the boat or start a heated Tommy vs. Tom debate.
6. Elaine: 

Aubry:  I’m glad she’s safe, but she’s got to steer her own ship at some point.

Reem: I’m glad she’s safe, but I’m worried about her allegiance to the boys. It’s important to have  several alliances going on, but don’t turn your back on all the women.

6. Jason: Heck of a job last week with the blindfold challenge. However, I do wonder what it says about your relationship with Noura that you were willing to take her position.
7. Jason: 

Aubry:  Killer challenge performance. I’m loving watching his comeback.

Reem: Jason was phenomenal. Patience of a god. Major street cred. Absolutely incredible in that challenge.

7. Janet: Who doesn’t love Janet? More importantly, who’s going to be threatened by Janet heading into a swap? She’ll be fine.
8. Janet:

Aubry: Don’t underestimate the older woman. She’s still there!

Reem:  Agreed.

8. Elizabeth: The thought of keeping someone around because they help around camp is old-school “Survivor” thinking. Focus on who you can use and who you can beat.
9. Aaron:

Aubry: How the hell did he find his way out of whatever he was in at the beginning of the game? I’m here for it.

Reem: I’m loving his secret thing with Missy. I’m digging it. If they swap together, they stay together for awhile. They have that military camaraderie.

9. Elaine: You got a look at the real Missy and it made you stop and think. But, at the end of the day, you realized it was probably too soon to do anything about it. Slow and steady wins it, no need to rock the boat.
10. Elizabeth:

Aubry: Nicely done using Elaine as cover. Your relationships are strong enough you’re able to put them to use. That said – she’s got to make sure she doesn’t emerge as too big of a threat pre-merge!

Reem: I’m with you. I really like how she maneuvered that situation. That was really smart. Also, she did great at the challenge – don’t be too hard on yourself!

10. Missy: All Missy, all day. That’s what I want from my “Survivor.” Buuut…Elizabeth and Elaine got a real look at this cold-blooded killer and they didn’t love it. Might be time to relax with the throat cutting for a bit.
11. Missy:

Reem: Missy I love you, but don’t let people see how great you are. Lay low. Lay low until at least merge.

Aubry: Same. Same. Same.

11. Dan: The puppet-master who might not actually be pulling the strings? That’s the kind of player that can play too hard at a swap and be sent on their merry way.
12. Jack:

Reem: Jack didn’t do much.

Aubry: Yeah, invisible isn’t great, but in terms of lessening your target, it could be good for him.

12. Jack: Why so low? Because he was the only person on the outs of Vokai’s first vote who isn’t packing an idol. Other than that, he should be fine.
13. Dean:

Reem: You’re lucky. If I were you, I’d be happy. Your girlfriend left because of both of you.

Aubry: Dean, count your blessings and be grateful you realized you weren’t on “Bachelor in Paradise” before it was too late.

13. Karishma: The swap is the perfect time for you to re-spin your time out there. I don’t think you’ve done anything to burn bridges with your old tribe. But, if you need to jump to classic Vokai, you can say they used you as the split vote.
14. Dan:

Reem: Dan, keep your hands to yourself at the tribe swap.

Aubry: Uh, yeah.

14. Noura: I’m dying to know what happened between them giving you the caller role and them snatching it away. At any rate, it doesn’t say much for your standing with the tribe. You have “easy vote” written all over you at this point and it doesn’t seem like anyone cares if you flip.
15. Karishma:

Aubry: Come on Karishma, you have a swap! Rise from the ashes. There’s still so much to play!

Reem: Careful what you say pregame about self-awareness it may come back to haunt you.

15. Dean: Heading into a swap with no ties should be a good deal, but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Classic Vokai could just see you as an easy challenge threat to send packing.
16. Noura:

Reem: Noura, dude, you are fun to watch, but I’m worried for you.

Aubry: Debbie, is that you?

16. Aaron: My one rule for ranking tribe swaps is to put the biggest challenge threat on the tribe that is down in numbers last. So, that’s Aaron. Having Karishma and Dean ready to throw him under the bus doesn’t help.

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