“Survivor” Winner Nick – “Nobody Knew I Was a Lawyer Until the Day After Final Tribal”

“Survivor: David vs. Goliath” (CBS)

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Gordon Holmes: This is always the easiest interview because the interviewee is in such a good mood.
Nick Wilson: (Laughs) Yeah, I don’t have any complaints, I’m not going to talk bad about my edit or anything.
Holmes: Not to put too much pressure on you, but we’re going to need an alliance name when this whole thing is over.
Wilson: Oh, OK.

Holmes: In last night’s final Tribal, were there any votes that surprised you?
Wilson: Yeah, Christian’s vote surprised me. But I don’t take it as a disrespect to my game or anything. Mike was a great player and he played a great game. I don’t take offense to it or anything, but it was surprising.

Holmes: Everybody knows Mike has a very prominent position in the entertainment industry. I’d imagine money isn’t an issue for him. Did that come up at all at final Tribal?
Wilson: It did, but it wasn’t part of my plan of attack. It wasn’t my goal to bash anybody else. I was going to sit there and advocate for myself as much as possible. But, it came up. The jury brought it up, Mike brought it up himself. And one of the things I’m surprised that didn’t make the edit was that very early in the game, Mike said he had a dream that he was driving a car and got into a car accident where he killed two little girls. And it was Dan’s daughters…or it made him think of Dan’s daughters and for Mike it was like it made him realize that he didn’t need the money. So, I think the jury still wanted to reward who they think played the best game, but there’s no doubt that if there’s someone who just wants the title and he’s sitting next to someone who’s from Kentucky and the money would change their life, I think it’ll definitely come into play.

Holmes: How forthcoming were you with the fact that you’re a lawyer. Did everybody know that?
Wilson: Nobody knew I was a lawyer. I said I was a social worker and it worked the whole time. Nobody knew I was a lawyer until the day after final Tribal.
Holmes: What was the reaction when people found out the truth?
Wilson: A lot of people said, “Oh, I knew it. I thought you had to have been a lawyer.” But it came up because one of the producers asked me what I did and I was sitting next to Elizabeth, Carl, and Mike. And I said, “That’s a funny question, I’m a lawyer.” And the first thing I heard was Elizabeth say, “Man, it’s a good thing you lied about that.” (Laughs)
Holmes: (Laughs)
Wilson: So, I think I made the right decision.

Holmes: When you made the choice to take Angelina to the final three, she took it as a positive. Was it as obvious to you as it was to people watching that she was going to have trouble winning over a jury?
Wilson: I think it was. And I think that’s Angelina’s biggest regret. She wishes she had told me not to take her. She could fight for her life with the fire and then if she wins, it would help her have some more points with the jury. I think as far as the jury’s perception, I think I could have taken Angelina or Kara, but in the game I didn’t know that. I thought Kara could have been a social threat. She’s so sweet, she didn’t have any enemies. She’s a good person. Nobody had any complaints about her except maybe Dan.

Holmes: When Davie went out he said, “Hey, whoever orchestrated this gets my vote.” How concerned did that make you because you totally didn’t orchestrate that vote.
Wilson: That got in my head a little bit. (Laughs) I told Jeff, “This is my luck, I probably blindsided people who are ticked. And the one person I didn’t blindside is talking about how much he respects it.” I think it got into my head, but there was nothing I could do. I wonder if more people are going to say things like that as they leave. But, the howl was much better.
Holmes: Agreed. It was impressive.

Holmes: Alright, let’s do some word association. We’ll start with Alison.
Wilson: Perfectionist.
Holmes: John?
Wilson: Extremely nice.
Holmes: Pat?
Wilson: Hard working.
Holmes: Mike?
Wilson: Devious…but as a compliment. He’s a player.
Holmes: Bi?
Wilson: Kind hearted.
Holmes: Natalie?
Wilson: Powerful.
Holmes: Davie?
Wilson: My best friend. A delight.
Holmes: Jessica?
Wilson: Sweetheart.
Holmes: Carl?
Wilson: That’s my buddy.
Holmes: Gabby?
Wilson: Emotional, but not in a bad way. Loving.
Holmes: Lyrsa?
Wilson: Outgoing.
Holmes: Christian?
Wilson: Brilliant.
Holmes: Dan?
Wilson: He’s a good guy.
Holmes: Alec?
Wilson: So chill. Good vibes.
Holmes: Elizabeth?
Wilson: She’s a strong woman.
Holmes: Kara?
Wilson: Classy. Class act.
Holmes: Angelina?
Wilson: (Laughs) She means well. I think she’s misunderstood.
Holmes: And I can see that. I don’t think anyone thinks Angelina is a bad person. She just rubbed people the wrong way. And that’s easy when you’re starving and have sand everywhere.
Wilson: Exactly.

Holmes: One of the things that got glossed over was the fact that you were almost a goner very early in the game. How did you right the ship after the rough start?
Wilson: I think in the early days, with us being labeled the Davids, it encouraged people to open up and I just wasn’t ready to do that. It put me as an outsider because everyone else bonded. But, nobody knew my story yet. So, I was the odd man out, or some privileged dude who wasn’t fitting in. But, once I was able to open up and bond and since Elizabeth told me they were throwing my name around, that was a gift for me. It gave me a second life in the game. And I felt like it was a blessing to have any extra time out there. And I was going to play hard and have as much fun as possible.

Holmes: There was a point where the game started to happen to you, you weren’t influencing it as much. Christian’s flip, when Davie went home. How do you pick yourself back up after moments like that?
Wilson: I was totally blindsided when Carl went home. So, I was getting rid of the people that were more lethal. The next thing I did was take the opportunity to get rid of Gabby. Cause if I didn’t get her then, I don’t know when I could have. She could have been in the end. I definitely feel like the Christian vote was more of the game happening to me rather than me playing the game. I had the decision to make between getting out Christian or Alison. I thought really hard about pulling a fast one. I joined the Goliaths to get rid of Christian. But, I had the opportunity to write down Alison and she would have went home. But, I feel like I made a conscious decision to write down his name, but that may have been a mistake. It led to me having less influence in the game. But, if I didn’t get rid of Christian…the last thing we saw before we went out there was Ben winning. So, I was worried about someone pulling a Ben on us. I was afraid Christian would win challenges or find idols.

Holmes: Did you figure out an alliance name for us?
Wilson: Here’s the thing, it usually has to do with where you’re from. So, Christian was the Mason Dixon. Or what you do, John’s a wrestler, so we were gonna do a wrestling tag team name. We’re super fans, so something like, “The Super Fans” if that’s not too lame.
Holmes: It’s pretty lame, but I’ll take it.
Wilson: (Laughs) It’s hard to come up with good names. People liked Mason Dixon, but I thought it was lame. I kinda liked the Rock Stars, but people thought that was lame.
Holmes: You need to associate a pose with it. That goes a long way.
Wilson: I agree.

Holmes: There was a rumor that there was going to be a proposal last night. Do you know anything about that?
Wilson: (Laughs) No, I really don’t! Everyone assumed it was me, but I know my girlfriend would not want me to do that. She’s want a more personal proposal. I got a lot of texts about that.
Holmes: I’ve only been married for a few years, but I’ve learned that you should do what makes her happy.
Wilson: Absolutely. (Laughs)

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