“Survivor: Winners at War” Episode 4 Recap – Scary Moment at the Edge of Extinction

“Survivor: Winners at War” (CBS)

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Last Week: Natalie figured out a combo, Sarah put on some camo, and Ethan was voted out because the world is a crappy unfair place full of people who suck…

39 Days, 20 People, 1 “Survivor Blog

Alright, let’s take a look at the tribes as they currently stand.

The Dakal Tribe (wearing orange)

  • Kim, 36 – “One World”
  • Nick, 28 – “David vs. Goliath”
  • Sandra, 44 – “Pearl Islands” and “Heroes vs. Villains”
  • Sarah, 34 – “Game Changers”
  • Sophie, 29 – “South Pacific”
  • Tony, 45 – “Cagayan”
  • Tyson, 39 – “Blood vs. Water”
  • Wendell, 35 – “Ghost Island”
  • Yul, 44 – “Cook Islands”

The Sele Tribe (wearing blue)

  • Adam, 28 – “Millennials vs. Gen-X”
  • Ben, 36 – “Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers”
  • Denise, 48 – “Philippines”
  • Jeremy, 41 – “Second Chance”
  • Michele, 29 – “Kaôh Rōng”
  • Parvati, 36 – “Fans vs. Favorites”
  • “Boston” Rob, 43 – “Redemption Island”

The Great Apology Tour

What an interesting start to this week’s episode. Rob starts off by apologizing to Adam for turning on him, while Adam has to apologize to everyone else for telling Rob their plan. Meanwhile, the people who did the actual blindsiding (probably not a word) don’t have to apologize for anything.

Later, Adam admits that he did everything you’re not supposed to do in “Survivor” and is somehow still around. Am I remembering it wrong, but didn’t he have a similar experience his first season?

He also refers to his gameplay as “pooping his pants” which is better than the previous term, “pulling a Elrod.”

Zohn Almost Gone

Hooooo…boy… OK, so a challenge shows up at the Edge of Extinction. The players will have to retrieve a single log from a far away location and bring it back to camp. If they do this 20 times before sundown, they’ll be rewarded a fire token.

All four decide to participate. It doesn’t sound like that much, but to hear the contestants describe it, it must’ve been hell. At one point, Danni even compared it to childbirth, but it’s not as good because you get a fire token instead of a baby. Yeah, but you don’t have to put that fire token through college.

Ethan is really struggling after his sixteenth log and the medical team is brought in to take care of him. Fortunately, he’s fine after receiving some medical attention and is able to carry on with the challenge.

And what a challenge it must’ve been. Natalie and Amber both broke down in tears when it was over. Danni compared it to a “Rocky” moment of triumph. And to finish it off, the three women escorted Ethan on his final trip. Awww…Ethan’s Angels.

Adam and Naïve

Our boy Adam is doing his best to get on everybody’s good side. Fetching firewood, refilling water, washing pots. Jeremy tells us that Adam isn’t the next target as long as he doesn’t return to his sketchy ways.

And Adam seems to be sticking to it. Even telling Rob and Parvati that he isn’t going to try to make moves or call shots.

But…he is spending time with Rob and Parv alone…

Sure enough, Rob goes to Jeremy and Michele and tells them that Adam is trying to talk strategy with him. And because Adam is spending time alone with Parvati and Rob, they believe it. And rightfully so. I’m thinking Adam should be hanging out in big groups these days.

Breathalyzer Test

Ugh…so over at Dakal, Sarah is having Tyson blow his 10-days-without-a-toothbrush-breath into her face.

Yikes…Cops R Gross.

Anywho, this is all to show what an adorable bond Sarah and Tyson have formed. I gotta tell you, I don’t hate this pairing.

It seems that Tyson is pushing an anti-one-timers (sans Kim) narrative to the multi-timers. Hilariously, he points out that Sophie is so far under the radar that he has forgotten her name.

Sandra’s considering Tyson’s pitch, but she’s still annoyed that he threw her name out earlier.

Immunity Challenge Time: The two tribes will pull a boat to a tower. Three members will climb the tower to retrieve keys to unlock their puzzle pieces. The first tribe to complete the puzzle will win immunity and some Sia bait…er…chickens.

Sitting Out: Sandra and Tony

Quick Aside: Parvati thinks they should rename the bench the “Sandra Bench.” However, Sandra was not offended. I would have gone with “Sandra Diaz-Recline.”

Result: Dakal had a mega lead because the Sele team was having such a hard time getting their keys. But, Rob and Michele blew through the puzzle to win it. Wow…that was an amazing come-from-behind win.

Pre-Tribal Politicking

Tyson is hitting the Nick narrative pretty hard. And, when he runs it by Yul, Yul seems like he’s totally on board.

That can’t be good.

Sure enough, it looks like a unanimous Tyson vote.

But, Tony’s not so sure. His concern is that once one big name is gone, the other big names are next.

And weirdly, it seems like Cops R Us has some kind of working arrangement with the Poker Pals. They just need to pull in Sandra to have a majority.

What it boils down to is; what does Sandra want? Which is amazing considering how much of a target she is. Does she want to have bigger shields? Does she want revenge on Tyson? Does she have some other clever angle?

Tribal Time

There’s a lot of talk about an upcoming swap, with everyone saying they’re going to stay Dakal Strong when the buffs drop. So, there’s not much drama at all.

We also got a cute moment where Yul says that he thought Tony was going to be an (expletive deleted) based on how he saw him play, but in real life he’s very lovable. I have that conversation with my mom every week.

Voting Time: Tyson votes for Nick, Nick votes for Kim, and the rest of the votes are lost to the magic of editing.

JPro tallies and returns. He asks if anyone wants to play an idol and…nobody does. OK, we’ve got one vote for Nick, one vote for Kim, four votes for Tyson, and the fifth person voted out of “Survivor: Winners at War” is…Tyson.


Fire Token Bequeath’n: Tyson leaves a present for Nick, saying it’s a gift from his hero.

Verdict: Whew…I feel like half of this episode took place at the Edge of Extinction. I need more of my in-game favorites.

  • Yul .- Yul played Tyson perfectly. He knew Tyson was his target, he didn’t hem and haw, he just told him what he wanted to hear. Yul is such a force.
  • Nick – He didn’t freak out, he played his role perfectly.
  • “Boston” Rob – Adam gave Rob one play and he hit it out of the park.
  • Sandra  – This is a hard grade to give because they positioned the vote as a revenge vote, but I don’t believe that. Sandra is too savvy.
  • Jeremy and Michele – This is a low grade for a pretty minor mistake, but they bought what Rob sold them hook, line, and sinker.
  • Tony – You didn’t get what you wanted, but it wasn’t worth rocking the boat before a swap.
  • Adam – It seemed like Adam was making the right move by refusing to work with Rob and Parv, but then why are you hanging out with them?! Why give Rob the leverage he needs to lie about what you’re up to?
  • Parvati, Ben, Denise, Kim, Sophie, Wendell, Sarah – I can’t grade you if you don’t show your work.

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