“Survivor: Winners at War” Power Rankings Round 13 – Finale Edition

“Survivor: Winners at War” (CBS)

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Finale Rules: The players will be ranked based on where Malcolm Freberg and Gordon Holmes think they will finish the game. Each correct placement is worth two points. They will also receive two bonus points if they pick the correct Edge of Extinction returnee. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: Winners at War” champion.

Last Week: Malcolm had Jeremy in spot seven and Nick in spot three for ten points. Gordon had Jeremy in spot six and Nick in spot four for ten points. So, the current score is Team Freberg 98, Team Holmes 99.

Team Freberg: 98 Team Holmes: 99

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Any Questions? Drop Gordon a line on Twitter: @GordonHolmes

1. Denise: She’s not the Vegas favorite going into the finale, but she stands a decent chance, and what’s the point of all my fangirling if I forsake her now? All ye faithful: raise the colors, pour an ale, and pray to the pagan gods that our savior gets the job done. 1. Tony: My wife and I are big walkers these days. Sunday she made the mistake of asking me who I thought was going to win. The next 60 minutes were spent with me just asking questions. And now, I’ll torture you with these same questions. How does Tony get to the end? Tony hasn’t received a single vote all season. Isn’t that mind-blowing? And, as we race toward the final three he hasn’t had to play that idol. He’s clearly doing something right and if he can get to the end, I think the jury will reward him.
2. Natalie: There are too many driven, capable castaways on EoE to make any prediction here with confidence. But Nat’s been an absolute machine on EoE and is the Jeff Bezos of fire tokens. The two million dollar question is, how will Chris Underwood’s win affect WaW? I’m wagering a jury of former winners will reward someone who made final Tribal in the traditional manner. 2. Sarah: Will this whole season come down to Sarah’s fashion show? Or, maybe a more appropriate question is; Can Sarah’s social game beat Tony’s strategic game? Remember the fashion show? Sarah going out of her way to have fun with her tribemates while Tony was annoyed that they weren’t playing the game? Sarah’s made a ton of friends in her time out there; Tyson, Ben, Sophie, etc. But, while Tony can be a lot, he’s still very likable. Even if you hate playing against him and hate his moves, you don’t hate him as a person. I think he edges her out to get the win.
3. Ben: I’m most confident about this placement. Everyone wants to sit next to Ben at the end. He’s got an idol he probably won’t need to play. If things get hairy for him down the stretch, he’s 1-0 all-time in fire making challenges. Ben’s making the final Tribal, and nothing more. 3. Ben: Did Ben rub too many people the wrong way this season? What a weird run for the very personable former champ. It started with fumbling that early moment with “Boston” Rob and then he never really found his footing. I feel like he may have made too many enemies along the way to shine against likable players like Tony, Michele, Sarah, Denise and potentially Tyson, Natalie, or whoever comes back.
4. Tony: He’s low because his demise is the only path to a Denise victory. My girl can’t win if Tony’s at the end. New blood returning from EoE is the best chance anyone will have to flip the script on the cops, though an idol keeps him safe for a vote or two. I’d love to see Tony win his second crown… I just can’t root for it while Lil’ D is still alive. 4. Michele: Can the ultimate underdog pull it off? If she gets to the final three, she definitely can. Ever since the first vote that sent Natalie to the Edge of Extinction, Michele has been on the bottom. One by one her allies have made that long, lonely boat ride. And she’s benefitted in that she’s been bequeathed a ton of tokens and she’s been loyal to quite a few jurors. But, she’ll have to win her way to the end through challenges, which is a tough act to pull off.
5. Sarah: I don’t think she wins over Tony. Head to head against Denise would be a toss up, and she beats the rest of the field. Putting her low because, if the EoE returnee agrees to target the cops, Sarah could get the short end of the stick. That said, if they play their idol correctly and her and Tony make the final four, its game over: Tony wins, Sarah’s your runner-up. 5. Denise: Is it too little too late for Denise? I love me some Denise, not as much as Mr. Freberg, but I do. However, the fact remains that post-merge hasn’t been a great showing for her. Yes, she’s had occasional immunity win, but she’s been on the wrong side of a lot of votes. And now, she’s the first victim of the Spy Nest. I’m sure Ben wouldn’t mind getting her to the finals, but I don’t think he’s going to have the opportunity.
6. Michele: As it’s been all season, I’m not sure where to put Michele. She could be the first boot Wednesday night, or slip to final tribal and, if she’s sitting next to Ben and an uninspiring EoE returnee, win the whole game. She’s on the bottom because either her or Denise is going to be targeted early Wednesday, and I’m morally obligated to predict Denise survives to the end. Process of elimination. 6. Wendell: Who’s going to win the battle back challenge? OK, this pick might be a shocker seeing as Natalie has 40 advantages and she’s a crossfit goddess, but she isn’t the best at puzzles or skill games. And as we know, it always comes down to the gimmick at the end. I think Wendell is going to pull off the win and then be immediately bounced by a group that knows that being buddies with the jurors is just too powerful to overcome.

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