“Survivor: Winners at War” Power Rankings Round 3 – Leap Year Edition

“Survivor: Winners at War” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week Malcolm Freberg and Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  For example, if Denise is voted out, Malcolm will receive one point and Gordon will receive four. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: Winners at War” champion.

Last Week: Malcolm had Ethan in spot six, while Gordon had him in spot seven. So, the current score is Team Freberg 14, Team Holmes 13.

Quick Note: The Power Rankings place the players in order of how safe they are heading into the next episode, not how likely they are to win the entire game.

Team Freberg: 14 Team Holmes: 13

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Any Questions? Drop Gordon a line on Twitter: @GordonHolmes

1. Denise: She’s got full possession of an idol, correctly cut bait and ran on Adam, and is quietly sitting in the majority. #1 in the rankings, #1 in your hearts.

And that’s officially the last scrap of ranking logic I’m confident in.

1. Sophie: How are we four eliminations into this season and we really don’t have an accurate look at what’s going on at Dakal Beach? Did Sophie ever give Kim her idol shard back? Anywho, she’s working with everyone because everyone wants to work with her. She’s fine.
2. Sophie: I have no idea what’s going on at all this season, and I didn’t have time to do read or research BTS before doing this week’s rankings. Which means I don’t know if Sophie had to give that idol half back to Kim, like Adam did to Denise?

Doesn’t matter. You’ve got to believe she’s safe in the middle of the tribe we hardly ever see.

2. Ben: Between the shift in power at Sele and their desperate need for challenge strength, Ben has shot to the top of my rankings. Seems like he’s recovered quite nicely from his first episode slip up.
3. Jeremy: My Twitter replies turned into a melee of theories on why Ethan was booted over Rob or Parv last week. Whatever the real reason is, I’m going to assume Jeremy knows what he’s doing out there. Leading a narrow majority and with an advantage in his pocket, it’s hard to imagine him going home this week. 3. Wendell: It’s tempting to put all blue buffs at the top of the list. It just feels like Sele isn’t capable of getting it done at challenges.
4. Nick: *exaggerated shrug* As of writing these rankings, I have not seen anything that suggests a tribe swap. That should mean Nick’s fine to continue saying absolutely nothing. 4. Denise: I’ll leave the Denise stanning to the other side of this ranking, (not that I can’t speak for hours about my love for Fiji’s favorite sex therapist). But, if Adam ends up in full-on scramble mode, what’s to stop him from letting the whole world know about her immunity idol?
5. Wendell: “Sele, gettin’ your first look at the new Dakal tribe: Wendell was medically evacuated from the game last night, after tripping and stabbing himself in the eye with his own toothpick.”

There’s so little info to work with on this tribe, I’m inventing absurdities, but you’ve got to believe he’s playing solid and in great shape in the middle.

5. Nick: “Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick Nick…Nickelodeon…”

(Sorry, I don’t have much to say about a game I haven’t seen.)

6. Michele: Again, I clearly have no idea what I’m doing with these rankings. As soon as I start loudly preaching she keep her head down, girl impressively flips the script and is sitting pretty in the #2 slot in the new foursome in blue. Just keep doing you… whatever the hell ‘you’ happens to be this week. 6. Jeremy: OK, remember last week when I threw out the idea that “Boston” Rob and Jeremy are pretending to not be best buddies? Welp…there’s a reason why these Power Rankings are free. Because, they’re wrong…so…often. Anywho, kudos for flipping the tribe.
7. Sarah: I feel like her vote steal is the weakest advantage in the game so far..? But hey, an advantage is an advantage, and it looks like her and Tony’s bond wasn’t just lip service. Sarah’s poised for a deep run. 7. Michele: Bro, good job. You could’ve been next after the Natalie vote, but you kept a cool head and waited for your opportunity. Now you’re in the driver’s seat with some pretty significant meat shields.
8. Tony: ‘Vlachos Vanity’, coming to New Jersey fall of 2020, features “Survivor” star Tony Vlachos will provide everything from face masks to mani/pedis to llama rides. “The least relaxing day spa ever,” say several Yelp users. Sign me up.

He’s doing everything right so far — including providing laughs on an hourly basis for the tribe. At some point he’s going to have to turn the hustle on, but we’re not there yet.

8. Yul: Why can’t I shake the fear that things are going too well for Yul? Is that even possible?
9. Yul: He’s only slipping in the rankings because, if his foursome is found out, he becomes a target. That said, the fact that he spilled the beans on Tyson’s scheming to Sandra is telling… 9. Sarah: I don’t really laugh at television. I laugh with family and friends, but I don’t usually laugh at entertainment. Last week’s bit with the ashes had me rolling. I love those two. I hope they stay around forever. I hope there’s a spin-off “Cops R Us” series and I can buy a “Cops R Us” lunchbox…
10. Kim: She’s hung on long enough to be safe. I don’t know how many idol halves she’s got stuffed wherever, but Tyson and Sandra’s squabbling means she’s out of the cross hairs for now. ‘Outlast’ is still an important part of your favorite game. 10. Tony: …and then for Island of the Idols 2 there is a giant wooden squad car to go with their busts. But, they don’t give them a little spy shack for Tribal, they give them more and more elaborate camouflage, so Tony’s dressed like a Tiki idol and Sarah is lying perfectly still on the other side of the fire pit.
11. Ben: Just as soon as I tease Ben for talking too much, Adam steals the blabbermouth crown right off his head, and suddenly the cowboy’s in the majority. He should be safe this week, but stays low in the rankings on the off-chance Rob and Parv get control again and, for whatever reason, decide to keep Adam over the tribe’s other wildcard. 11. Kim:  So…uh…did Kim ever get that other half of the idol back? Seems important…you know…for people who are doing some kind of weekly ranking. Just a “Yes” or “No” would do the trick.
12. “Boston” Rob: Listen, I get it. Jeremy won courtesy of his ‘meat shield’ strategy in the past. I just think using first-ballot Survivor Hall of Famers like Boston Rob and Parvati as ‘shields’ is playing with fire and gasoline. And rubbing alcohol. And napalm. All at once.

If that last tribal didn’t send Rob home, the next one shouldn’t either. They didn’t let him survive that vote just to boot him three nights later.

12. Sandra: Speaking of confusing, does Sandra’s idol still work? There’s some confusion over whether it was for the next three Tribals or the next three Tribals that she attends. Overall I think she’s safe, but the truth is she’s never really safe.
13. Sandra: The idol’s gone, so Sandra plummets this week, but she’s still in a good spot. Yul bringing her info of Tyson’s plan means that a) Yul can sit in the middle and watch them feud, and that b) Sandra’s pissed off. Which is a hell of a thing to watch, let me tell you. There’s always a chance the situation swings against her, but the odds are long. 13. “Boston Rob: The question I got the most on Twitter was, “Why weaken Rob? Just vote out Rob.” I’m thinking the answer is that people aren’t afraid of going to the end with Rob. They were afraid of going to the end with Ethan. Rob might be in this a while. Ahem…might.
14. Parvati: Given the majority’s apparent strategy, she’s more at risk than Rob. Parv might be the second biggest ‘name’ on the island, but the absolute biggest name in history is on her tribe, too. If the status quo doesn’t change and Adam is welcomed back into the majority fold, Parv’s the next target. 14. Tyson: As if it wasn’t bad enough that he’s on the outs with the two prominent factions (The Second Timers and the Game Changers) on his tribe, the only other probable target has an idol. Being on the Queen’s radar doesn’t help either.
15. Tyson: Every time we hear a whisper that things might be getting better for Tyson — not that we see much of their camp life — that hope is immediately, cruelly crushed. Yul and the gang (great band name) seem to be leaning toward keeping Sandra. The cops are united and untargeted, and Kim’s got an idol. A challenge win is his best chance to avoid EoE. 15. Adam: Oh, Adam. I just knew you were going to take a hit with all of that “‘Boston’ Rob should play more like me,” talk. Now you’re on the outs and it seems like you’re an easy vote. But, this doesn’t seem like a season for easy votes…
16. Adam: Yikes…. but it’s not over for Adam if they go back to tribal, since his tribe has been the opposite of stable. Rob could wrangle him and steal a member from the foursome that booted Ethan, or that foursome could be anticipating swap and try to make amends.

But he’s going to need equal parts tact and luck to recover from last week’s faceplant.

16. Parvati: This hurts. This makes my stomach turn a bit. The reason you’re on the bottom of this list is because you were blindsided last week and I think people aren’t afraid to get near the end with Rob. It’s always going to feel a little unfair that Rob was here with Amber. While you could get to the end and tell a really compelling tale.

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