“Survivor: Winners at War” Power Rankings Round 5 – Who Will Be Left Holding the Bag? Edition

“Survivor: Winners at War” (CBS)

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The Rules: Each week Malcolm Freberg and Gordon Holmes will create separate power rankings. The ranking of the person who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the players will earn.  For example, if Denise is voted out, Malcolm will receive three points and Gordon will receive four. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be declared the “Survivor: Winners at War” champion.

Last Week: Malcolm had “Boston” Rob in spot ten, while Gordon had him in spot thirteen. So, the current score is Team Freberg 39, Team Holmes 40.

Quick Note: The Power Rankings place the players in order of how safe they are heading into the next episode, not how likely they are to win the entire game.

Team Freberg: 39 Team Holmes: 40

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Any Questions? Drop Gordon a line on Twitter: @GordonHolmes

1. Sophie: Hard to fault anything she’s done so far, including where she hid her idol. The boys she’s paired with are dysfunctional, she’s got an advantage, and even if they go to Tribal and get bad vibes from Ben and Adam, she won’t have to use it because… 1. Sophie: Both tribes are going to Tribal this week and voting someone out. That’s very vague. Are we getting each tribe voting one person out or the two tribes coming together to vote one person thing that cost my favorite person his time in “Game Changers”? If it’s the former, Sophie and Sarah can use the steal-a-vote. If it’s the latter, they can use Sophie’s idol.
2. Sarah: …this would be a great time for to steal a vote. I don’t know that Sophie knows about that advantage yet(?), but with the current numbers, it’s even more foolproof than an idol. That said, this pair won’t have to use either advantage. The boys will cannibalize if they head back to Tribal. Picking the top two this week was easy. 2. Sarah: See Sophie. But also, kudos to this duo for breaking down the issues in the Sele trio and managing to get out of that fiasco without having to use one of their thirty advantages.
3. Denise: The numbers didn’t fall her way in the swap, but, like Trump said last month, there’s no reason to panic. Denise is one of the greats at playing from the bottom (insert sex joke here) and Kim seems open to suitors. And if all else fails, she’s got an idol. My girl’s still in good shape. 3. Kim: Kim definitely won the swap lottery. She went from the bottom to having a ton of options. And now that she has both halves of that idol she’ll be able to make it through whatever this week’s Tribal twist has in store for her.
4. Sandra: Same story as Denise. She’s more likely to be targeted, I’d wager, but the idol keeps her safe in case Dakal loses and triggers an advantaggedon. 4. Denise: With “Boston” Rob leaving the game, Tony’s keep-the-targets-safe strategy is going to become more appealing to Kim. But, Denise isn’t going anywhere this week.
5. Kim: See above. Her idol means safety, which will be more critical than ever, considering the amount of firepower this tribe has hidden in their bags. 5. Sandra: She’s got an idol that’s good for one more Tribal (right?) and there’s a two-in-three shot that she’s gonna be visiting one Wednesday night. She’s fine.
6. Yul: He couldn’t have asked for more from the swap: #YulandtheGang has a majority, no one on his tribe has an advantage that could be used to blindside him, and a preexisting relationship with Parvati doesn’t hurt, either. No reason to worry. 6. Wendell: With “Boston” Rob out of the equation, I think Sele is the tribe that’s least likely to have an evening get-together with Probst.
7. Nick: From a strategic standpoint, he’s in just as good of shape as Yul, but decorum dictates he be placed below his ally due to awkward flirting. 7. Yul: A hundred hugs for Yul, right? He helped set up “Survivor: Winners at War” Against ALS. He’s the man at the new Sele beach, and he stepped up when Nick needed him. He’s only in trouble if we get the two-tribes-in-one Tribal.
8. Wendell: And he slides under Nick and Yul because he’s stuck on a beach with his ex, which is the basis of several other reality shows for a reason. My gut says his tension with Michele is a red herring, but if it isn’t, he won’t be the one burned. 8. Jeremy: Of all the advantages floating around Dakal beach, Jeremy’s is the least powerful. He needs to play it before the votes, which means he needs to play it before idols start getting tossed around. He’s so smart and savvy, I think he’ll be able to sniff out any trouble.
9. Ben: Did “Boston” Rob need to go sooner rather than later? Absolutely. Do you make that move when you’re counting on his vote to survive a swap? Less clear. Should they head back to Tribal, he might be saved over Adam simply based on challenge strength. 9. Nick: Aww…let’s give Nick a break everybody. I would’ve been pretty awkward if I was on a tribe with Soleil Moon-Frye.
10. Parvati: She obviously hasn’t lost her social savvy on the beach, and she has a former relationship with the guy calling the shots for the majority — and not because they used to date. Keep in mind that Rob’s boot might help Parv: She now owns the biggest reputation left in the game, and others might drag her along as a shield. 10. Parvati: Breaking up Yul and the Gang® is going to be a really tall task. Tyson already tested them and failed. The benefits to keeping you around are that the big shields are all hanging out at the Edge of Extinction and Wendell might want some space from…
11. Jeremy: He has to use his GTFO advantage before the vote — which puts him at a disadvantage, if idols start flying once Jeff brings back the votes. But should he play the advantage, he could ignite a wild chain of idol plays, which would suck because of who it’ll inevitably leave out to dry. 11. Michele: Good for you, for reaching out to Wendell and trying to work past what seems like a very awkward situation. But, his reaction makes me think that getting rid of you might make his life easier. Maybe Natalie can send you a present?
12. Michele: I don’t think she’s doing anything wrong, but we’ve been served a healthy dose of Yul’s alliance for a reason; they’re not going to turn on one another. That means either Michele or Parv is in trouble. Even if the dating stuff doesn’t come into play, I think they keep Parvati to act as a shield moving forward. 12. Ben: The reason Ben is this low is in case they pull the two-tribes-vote-for-one-player shenanigans. I don’t think Sophie or Sarah would save you and the other tribe would love to get rid of Yara’s strongest player.
13. Tony: If 2020 wasn’t already a nightmare, the advantage situation on Dakal confirms that we’re living in the darkest timeline. There’s a very real possibility that Tony could get taken out just like Cirie in Game Changers. Scenario: Jeremy walks out before vote, creates uncertainty, so Denise, Sandra, and Kim all play idols. Probst doesn’t read votes, and I throw my beer at the TV. 13. Adam: Sophie and Sarah are going to win this week. Ben and Adam aren’t going to band together against them. They’re going to be vying to be their third. Not only is Ben stronger in challenges, but he seems more trustworthy.
14. Adam: Sophie and Sarah are bonding, and Ben’s unquestionably more valuable in challenges on a tribe that, should they lose this week, keeps losing. That makes Adam the odd man out, a problem he’s likely to exacerbate by overplaying again. 14. Tony: So…if new Dakal goes to Tribal, three members have idols and one person has a get-out-of-Tribal-free card. And…uh…the last person is Tony. I’m not going to be amused if Mr. Vlachos gets Cirie’d out of this game.

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