Watch The Final Season of the Fan Favorite Fantasy Show ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Beauty and the Beast. (Photo credit: CW.)

Kristin Kreuk, who long-time fans first fell in love with as Lana on “Smallville,” is not only the star of the popular CW show “Beauty and the Beast,” but also a producer, alongside creators Sherri Cooper Landsman and Jennifer Levin. Earlier this year, it was announced that this upcoming fourth season would be the last season of the show

The season started off with Cat (Kreuk) and Vincent (Jay Ryan) on their honeymoon, after a wedding ceremony pulled off last minute during last season’s finale. But the bliss is short-lived.

“Of course, things will go crazy, as they do every year,” Kreuk tells Zap2It. ” It’s a really interesting final arc for the two of them, trying to close out all the threats against them so they can just be normal again. There’s someone who’s looking for beasts, and there’s a bounty out there, so figuring that out is what their focus is.”

Another breakout character on the show has been Cat’s younger half-sister Heather, played by biracial Filipina actress Nicole Gale Anderson. She was previously on the “Pretty Little Liars” spin-off “Ravenswood,” but since season 3, she’s been a regular cast member on “Beauty and the Beast.” Over the years, she’s been part of Cat’s support system during dramatic times.

Beauty and the Beast” has been quite the fan favorite, collecting six People’s Choice Awards since it debuted in 2012. Most recently, in 2016, they won for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy show for the third year in a row.

Catch up with the first couple episodes of the season before a new episode airs tonight!