WATCH: Top 5 Moments from Drake’s ‘SNL’ Appearance


Beardless Drake in a “Saturday Night Live” promo shot. (Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC)
Drake and Leslie Jones pose during a sketch about him beefing with the "Saturday Night Live" staff. (Photo: Dana)
Drake and Leslie Jones pose during a sketch about him beefing with the “Saturday Night Live” staff. (Photo: Dana Edelson/NBC)

I like Drake.

Yes, there are scores — and I do mean scores — of teens and adults who salivate over the Canadian-born singer-rapper daily. His contribution to Rihanna’s spicy joint “Work” and his hits like “One Dance” give them more reasons to drool, but my affinity for him is different.

Drake’s favorability rating with me rises after he appeared on “Saturday Night Live” as its host and musical guest. This happened after he appeared on the show in January 2014, wowing everyone with his spot-on Katt Williams impression and his ability to do sketch comedy well. It happened again this past Saturday, when I gave him two thumbs up for his ability to poke fun at himself and his fandom in a truly humorous manner.

In all honesty, the good job Drake does on “SNL” shouldn’t be a surprise. I mean, the 29-year-old did star on “Degrassi: The Next Generation” as a teen, so he does have some experience memorizing lines and acting in front of a camera. But, there are others with similar or more experience who haven’t fared well on “SNL” or any sketch comedy show. Drake is undoubtedly one of the most talented entertainers currently burning up the charts.

Though I wish Drake had better material with which to work (I’ve long said that “SNL’s” biggest problem isn’t diversity but its inability to consistently offer good, humorous content), I’ve spotted five moments from his recent appearance that are pretty cool.

Check them out and then watch the full episode to see if you agree with me. “SNL” airs Saturdays at 10:35 p.m. ET on NBC.

1. WATCH: Drake’s opening monologue on “SNL”


2. WATCH: Drake’s Beef on “SNL”


3. WATCH: “SNL’s” Weekend Update


4. WATCH: Drake performs “One Dance”


5. WATCH: Drake performs “Hype”


WATCH: Full episode of “SNL” with Drake 



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