What to Watch on X1 Asian American Film & TV in February

This February, the Asian American Film & TV destination will be packed with non-stop entertainment! The destination was created to give Asian Americans the spotlight they deserve in the entertainment industry without the negative stereotypes. Check out this one-stop destination for all Asian American and Asian entertainment to support the countless Asian American and Asian stars who need this platform to showcase their talents and dreams.

Say “Asian American”

The quickest way to get to the awesome Asian American destination is to say “Asian American” into your X1 remote. It literally takes two seconds and requires no navigation of the On Demand menu—simple and easy!

Give it a try and you’ll see the following exciting content waiting for you there…



Lunar New Year

If your Asian heritage celebrates the Lunar New Year, then the Asian American Film & TV destination wants you to start the Lunar New Year with a bang! You can select “Everything Lunar New Year” to discover a ton of movies curated by the Center for Asian American Media, artists you didn’t know are Asian American, Lunar New Year stories from the web, Lunar New Year YouTube entertainment and much more. (Don’t forget to say “Fortune” into your X1 remote to ensure your new year goes swimmingly.)

2018 Winter Olympics

The 2018 Winter Olympics starts February 9th! To keep spirits high during these thrilling games, look in the Asian American Film & TV destination for content that helps you explore South Korea (the host country), watch inspiration sports movies, and meet the 2018 Asian American Olympians.

Two Brand-New Genre Rows

  1. Music Genres. Give this row a listen! Though these genres don’t include any English songs, they were made to transcend languages. It features music you may like from K-Pop, Bollywood, East Asia, and South Asia. Enjoy the ear candy!
  2. YouTube Genres. Choose Asian American YouTube channels to watch by genre: Variety Entertainment, Comedy, Music, Fashion & Beauty, and Dance & Fitness. Each genre includes several channels for you to laugh, learn, and let loose with.

Five Must-See TV Episodes

  1. Special preview of “A.P. Bio” starring Mary Sohn on NBC (February 1)
  2. The Good Place” finale starring Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto on NBC (February 1)
  3. 9JKL” finale starring Liza Lapira on CBS (February 2)
  4. The Librarians” finale starring John Harlan Kim on TNT (February 7)
  5. Designated Survivor” premiere starring Maggie Q and Kal Penn on ABC (February 28)

Four Featured Filmmakers

  1. Kimberlee Bassford: Director and producer of “Winning Girl
  2. Patricio Ginelsa: Director, writer, and producer of “Bigger They Come
  3. Diane Quon: Director and producer of “Cliff, Superfan
  4. Kirsten Tan: Director of “Dahdi (Granny)”


Come back each month when you want to know what to watch. Remember, if you’re unsure, just say “Asian American” into your X1 remote to discover more Asian American content. There’s more entertainment waiting for you!

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