What to Watch on KOCOWA for Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month with KOCOWA Korean dramas! Watch these shows and more for free from May 13 – 19 on the Asian American Film & TV destination on Xfinity X1.

“The Fiery Priest”

Can’t find any connection between a priest and a comedy-drama? Well, this drama will give you an answer. The hot-tempered Catholic priest Kim Hae-Il (Kim Nam Gil), with his sense of justice, teams up with a detective (Kim Sung-Kyun) and a prosecutor (Lee Ha-Nee) to solve the mysterious death of an elderly priest. However, the priest faces obstacles with corrupted characters and it seems as if Father Kim is fighting justice on his own. Find out if he succeeds in solving the murder case!

“Spring Turns to Spring”

We all know that body-swapping will never happen in real life. But this drama is a body-swapping comedy featuring Kim Bo-Mi (Lee Yuri), who plays an ambitious reporter who only cares for herself. Conversely, Lee Bom (Eom Ji-Won) is a devoted housewife who gave up her career for marriage. Leading completely different lives, these two women switch bodies and eventually learn how to appreciate themselves again.


What would you do if you could have supernatural powers by owning special “items?” Based on Korea’s popular webtoon by the same name, this action sci-fi drama is about the quest of a prosecutor, Kang Gon (Ju Ji-Hoon), and a criminal profiler, Shin So-Young (Jin Se-Yun), to search for all the conspiracies behind items that have supernatural powers.


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