What to Watch on X1 Asian American Film & TV in July

The X1 Asian American Film & TV destination is bringing the heat with the latest summer entertainment for you! To check out what’s new, say “Asian American” into your X1 Voice Remote to find Asian Americans in shows, movies, stand-ups, YouTube, Netflix, and more!

Six Must-See TV Events

  1. Sacred Games” a Netflix Indian Original Series premiere (July 6)
  2. The Outpost” series premiere starring Anand Desai-Barochia and Charan Prabhakar on the CW (July 10)
  3. HUMANS” finale starring Gemma Chan on AMC (July 24)
  4. Young and Hungry” finale starring Rex Lee on Freeform (July 25)
  5. Burden of Truth” premiere starring Kristin Kreuk on the CW (July 25)
  6. Swedish Dicks” premiere starring Vivian Bang on Pop (July 26)

Two Curated Collection

1. Award-Winning Shorts

Editors have picked the best Asian Pacific American short independent films for this collection that’ll be available all month long! Choose from shorts like Love, NY, Flip the Record, Granny, A Busy Young Psychic, and more.

 2. Best of APA Cinema

Watch the staple Asian Pacific American films ranging from classic and seminal to new and innovative—a broad spectrum of voices in contemporary cinema. Explore films like Life of Pi, East-Side Sushi, Saving Face, the Jade Pendant, and more!

X1 International World Cup Destination

World Cup 2018 is almost over! For those with footie fever, enjoy the most-watched international soccer tournament with your friends and family through the X1 International destination until July 15th. Say “International” into your X1 Voice Remote to get notifications for every World Cup 2018 match, watch in more languages with Sling, and to follow your favorite teams!


Come back each month when you want to know what to watch. Remember, if you’re unsure, just say “Asian American” into your X1 Voice Remote to discover more Asian Pacific American content. There’s more entertainment waiting for you!

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