What to Watch on X1 Asian American Film & TV in May

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPIHM) is taking over the X1 Asian American Film & TV destination with a Night Market theme this May! It’s a month honoring the rich history and traditions of Asian and Pacific Islander heritage in the U.S. Celebrate with us by exploring over 1,100 hours of TV shows, movies, music and exclusive interviews with Asian American and Pacific Islander actors and artists on Xfinity—just say “Asian American” into your X1 Voice Remote.

Here’s a breakdown of the AAPIHM Night Market menu:

Party Starters

Nothing can kick-start the AAPIHM Night Market celebration better than freebies! Select Xfinity On Demand content, and programming will be available for free from TV Japan, TVK-Pop, and GMA Pinoy throughout the entire month. Select TV series and movie titles from networks such as Eros Now On Demand, Filipino On Demand and Myx TV will also be available throughout the month (some content varies per market).

All-You-Can-Eat Watch Buffet

Feast your eyes on over 40 TV series with Asian American and/or Pacific Islander characters. We’ve included a free show as an appetizer: “Lip Sync Battle” with co-host Chrissy Teigen (Paramount). To follow, pair your binging with our specials of the month:

Festivities of the Night: CAAMFest Favorites

Another exciting event during AAPIHM this year is CAAMFest—the Center for Asian American Media’s annual film festival, which takes place in San Francisco from May 10–24. If you can’t make it, don’t worry. We’re bringing the festivities straight to you! A curated collection of 35 independent films from past CAAMFests are waiting for your viewing pleasure. Be sure to check out:

Performances By

No celebration is complete without performances. With over 80 titles to choose from, laugh with comedians on Netflix, dance with artists on Music Choice and relate to exclusive interviews with Jay Park from Music Choice. Here’s a sampling of what you can groove to:

  • Jay Park’s “Me Like Yuh”
  • BTS’ “DNA”
  • Steve Aoki’s “I’m in the House”
  • Kris Wu’s “Deserve”

YouTube Spotlights

We’re not only featuring the most popular Asian American YouTube channels, but also exclusive interviews with Asian American talent in Hollywood. Find out what the Fung Bros’ favorite movies are on X1, catch up on the latest Wong Fu Productions videos and watch Daniel Dae Kim, Kelly Hu, Daniel Wu, Jenny Yang, Leonardo Nam and Jay Park wish you a happy Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

Six Featured Filmmakers

  1. Jeannie Nguyen: Director of “First Generation
  2. Ham Tran: Director of “How to Fight in Six Inch Heels
  3. Ravi Kapoor: Director and co-writer of “Miss India America
  4. Viet Nguyen: Director, co-writer and choreographer of “Crush the Skull
  5. Christopher Kahunahana: Director and writer of “Lahaina Noon
  6. John Esaki: Director and writer of “Stand Up for Justice


Come back each month when you want to know what to watch. Remember, if you’re unsure, just say “Asian American” into your Xfinity X1 voice remote to discover more Asian American content. There’s more entertainment waiting for you!

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