What to Watch on X1 International in October

October is loaded with tons of exciting content on X1 International On Demand! Just say “international” into your X1 remote to see your favorite international and Asian-American content. Let’s get started with a countdown to begin your entertainment journey.

Six Must-Watch Fall TV Premieres

With so many premieres to watch this fall, we’ve narrowed down the list to the top six must-watch premieres in October.

  1. Ghosted” series premiere starring Adeel Akhtar on FOX (October 1)
  2. Lucifer” starring Lesley-Ann Brandt on FOX (October 2)
  3. The Gifted” series premiere starring Jamie Chung on FOX (October 2)
  4. 9JKL” series premiere starring Liza Lapira on CBS (October 2)
  5. Fresh Off the Boat” starring Randall Park and Constance Wu on ABC (October 3)
  6. Andi Mack” starring Peyton Elizabeth Lee on Disney (October 27)

Five Outstanding Filmmaker Spotlights

We had the pleasure of interviewing five filmmakers whose films will be featured in different collections on the X1 International destination this month. Read more about each of them!

  1. Marie Jamora: Writer/director of “Flip the Record
  2. Faroukh Virani: Writer/director of “Sameer and the Giant Samosa
  3. H.P. Mendoza: Writer/director of “I Am a Ghost
  4. Stanley Yung: Director/producer of “#1 Serial Killer
  5. Patrick Epino: Actor/producer/co-director of “Awesome Asian Bad Guys

Four Trending Filipino-American Stars

Looking for entertainment from your favorite Filipino-American stars? Check out the Popular Destinations row on the X1 International destination.

  1. Bruno Mars
  2. Vanessa Hudgens
  3. Enrique Iglesias
  4. Shay Mitchell

Three Awesome Cinema Collections

  1. Filipino-American Heritage Month

    October is Filipino-American Heritage Month! These films represent the best in Filipino-American cinema, ranging from family dramas to musical odes to ’80s action movies.
  2. Celebrate Diwali with South Asian Cinema

    For Diwali, celebrate the Festival of Lights with the best in Indian cinema from world-class filmmakers straight from the Asian-American film festival circuit.
  3. Asian Horror Films

    Satisfy your appetite for fright this Halloween through Asian cinema, which has a rich tradition of producing the scariest horror films in the world! This collection showcases stories about evil spirits, serial killers and deranged beings.

Two Special Surprises

  1. GMA Pinoy TV: You’ll have unlimited access to GMA Pinoy TV from October 17-23. Read more about the free preview.
  2. Say “Diwali Lights:” For a delightful surprise, try saying “Diwali Lights” into your X1 remote!

One On Demand Destination

This month’s must-watch content can only be found on your X1 International destination. Remember, if you’re unsure, just say “international” into your X1 remote to discover more international and Asian-American content.


There’s tons of entertainment waiting for you there. Come back each month when you want to know what to watch. Don’t have X1 yet? Get it Now! Call today: (877) 838-7651

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