XFINITY LGBTQ Is Here, Queer and Bringing the Fear

Historically a genre lacking representation of LGBTQ community members, horror has a unique relationship with its queer viewers. There are many competing theories as to why that is, whether it’s empathy with the demonized monster and/or with the victimized slasher bait … or perhaps it’s just our stronger appreciation for the fine art of camp. Thankfully, the canon of queer horror titles has been slowly building over the past several decades, aided by a number of recent indie films which tend to prioritize inclusiveness and twist the character tropes that are considered law in their more mainstream counterparts. It’s safe to say that queer horror is having a moment right now, but if you needed more proof, XFINITY LGBTQ’s Ultimate Queer Horror Collection is here to show you that the genre is positively thriving.

The Ultimate Queer Horror Collection
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Perhaps the most complete collection of queer horror film and TV ever compiled, the Ultimate Queer Horror Collection on XFINITY is home to more than 100 LGBTQ-related horror titles and features a slew of unique curations.

Now, let’s be clear: LGBTQ representation in horror hasn’t always been, shall we say, kind to our community. It’s important to note that the inclusion of some films in this collection should not be mistaken as advocating on behalf of the content housed therein. That being said, within the context of the queer horror-genre timeline, these titles shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Check out a small slice of the collection below and be sure to check out the complete Ultimate Queer Horror Collection in-home on your X1.

Gay Icons of Horror
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Editor’s picks: Featured curations including “Gay Icons of Horror,” “Horror Films Only LGBTQs Understand,” “Here, Queer and Bringing the Fear” and “Romance Is Dead”—perfect for first dates!

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Choose your fate: Die your best death with our “Death By…” collections. Prefer to go out by vampire, slasher … maybe the undead? It’s up to you! #YODO

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2
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Spirit animals: Archetypal horror characters are a genre mainstay. However, when it comes to queer horror, subverted gender roles keep viewers guessing. Fancy yourself a “Final Girl,” or are you more of “The Jock” type? Perhaps you’re even “The Killer!” (Plot twist!)

Straight Jacket
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Specialized sub-genres: Our Y.A.S.S. Collections (horror edition) spotlight some of queer horror’s more niche sub-genres including “Homoerotic Horror,” “Body Terror,” “Backstabbing Boyfriends” and “Crazy Ex-Girlfriends” … to name just a few.

American Horror Story: Cult
Image Credit: FX

Small-screen screams: Our catalog of queer horror isn’t limited to just films! Watch some of your favorite horror series from the beginning, including “American Horror Story,” “Scream” and “Scream Queens.

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Scott Conant is the LGBTQ Editor for Comcast XFINITY. You can watch his top picks and more LGBTQ-related titles in the XFINITY LGBTQ Film & TV Collection

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