The X1 Voice Remote – A Sports Fan’s Guide

Late in any year, from the time the turkey is carved to after the confetti is dropped on the Super Bowl winner, there seems to be more sports on television than whiskers in Santa’s beard. Of course, there’s the NFL playoffs and college football bowl games, but we are also treated to the start of the college basketball and PGA seasons, along with the continuation of any number of soccer leagues.

It’s truly a magical time of year for any sports fan, and the Xfinity X1 Voice Remote is the ultimate tool to help navigate this very wide sports spectrum. Use it to explore sports by team, event, school and much more.

A few examples are…

“What games are on?”
“Turn on the Bulls game.”
“When is the next Seahawks game?”
“Philadelphia Eagles.”
“Premier League.”

You can also access the X1 Sports app using the X1 Voice Remote by pressing the microphone button and saying, “Sports.” The X1 Sports app provides fast access to live games, updates on all games currently in progress, additional coverage of the games you aren’t watching and upcoming league schedules. Once you’ve launched the X1 Sports app, you can filter all available games On Now, On Today or by a specific conference or league, such as NFL or NBA.

 The X1 Voice Remote (models XR11 and XR15) from Xfinity

When you say the name of a sports team into your X1 Voice Remote (e.g., “Philadelphia 76ers”), you’ll be taken directly to the team’s live event or a schedule of their upcoming games. In addition, to see a team’s stats, score or schedule, say the name of the team and “Stats,” “Score” or “Schedule” (i.e., say “Phillies Stats,” “Everton Score” or “Mariners Schedule”). Learn more and see examples from the Xfinity X1 Sports Guide.

This article provides voice command tips for using the X1 Voice Remote (Models XR11 and XR15) to change channels, search for shows, view recommendations and more.