XFINITY LGBTQ Celebrates Black Cinema

Black LGBTQ Cinema

Moonlight,” for all its successes both in the film festival and awards ceremony circuits, has achieved something far greater: It’s deservedly brought media attention and an increased awareness to queer black culture. Far-reaching LGBTQ publications such as OUT Magazine and The Advocate are increasingly crafting editorial pieces that bring to light not only many of the hardships the black LGBTQ community faces, but also the leaps and bounds they are making in the face of such adversity.

For decades, cinema has provided marginalized communities an outlet to share and preserve their stories for the benefit of not only future generations within the community, but also for the world at large. Black LGBTQ cinema is no exception. Over the years, a number of incredible films have chronicled what it’s like to grow up young, gifted, black and queer.

XFINITY LGBTQ celebrates black cinema and these exceptional stories and characters found within its annals. In honor of Black History Month, we’ve created a collection of over 30 films that are proud to feature unapologetically black LGBTQ characters and storylines. Below we’ve taken the liberty of listing our top five picks, which we consider mandatory watching for everyone! But be sure to check out the full Black LGBTQ Cinema collection at home by saying “Pride” into your X1 voice remote.

Pariah’: Available to Buy or Rent in Home on X1

‘Tangerine’: Available to Buy in Home on X1

Call Me Kuchu’: Watch Online Now

Naz & Maalik’: Watch with Netflix on X1

Blackbird’: Available to Buy in Home on X1

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Scott Conant is the LGBTQ Editor for Comcast XFINITY. You can watch his top picks and more LGBTQ-related titles in the XFINITY LGBTQ Film & TV Collection

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