YouTuber Spotlight: Fung Brothers

For Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month this May, the Fung Brothers—Andrew and David Fung—will be featured within the YouTuber section of  X1’s Asian American Film & TV destination. We had the pleasure of asking the brothers about the inspiration behind their joint YouTube channel and how their Chinese heritage impacts their work.

Photo: Fung Brothers

Tell us about your YouTube channel featured on X1 this month.

Fung Brothers: It’s a lifestyle channel that covers our interests of food, comedy, sports, music, fashion and culture.

How did you get into YouTube?

FB: We started seven years ago. We grew up wanting to be in entertainment and were just about to pursue it the mainstream way (stand-up comedy) when YouTube started booming. We saw it as the best way to get our message out.

Who are some YouTubers who have influenced or inspired you?

FB: Our friend Richie Le’s YouTube channel helps inspire us because we helped launch his channel and he’s become a beast of his own.

How does your Asian American background influence your work?

FB: It has a lot to do with [our channel]—from our positioning in society, representation, perspective, interests, food, and motherland culture. At the end of the day, there’s always something to fight for.

Did you ever have a “lunch box moment” (a story of how fellow classmates may have reacted to your lunch boxes at school)?

Andrew Fung: There was this kid named Gary who would always bring some dope Cantonese food in his air lock Asian lunch box (I’d defend him if it stank). I’d always get jealous because I knew I ate good food at home, but the leftovers would always go with my dad to work, so I ate the school lunch. I asked my mom if she could pack me some Asian food one day, and she packed me dumplings, but the soy sauce ended up leaking out of the American Tupperware (it’s wasn’t waterproof). Then the kids clowned me that day. I was a little sad that it couldn’t have worked out better.

What is your outlook on the state of Asian American representation in new media?

FB: In new media, the representation is much better than mainstream. I think Asians have to continue to pursue this route and put themselves out there. [Asian Americans] have to continue supporting each other. Mainstream representation is getting better little by little, though. Asians are changing.

What piece of advice would you give someone looking to pursue YouTube?

FB: Do not just vlog your day when you have no subscribers. No one will care unless your day is ridiculous. Find an angle, add value to people’s lives and teach them something.
Photo: Fung Brothers


Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, Fung Brothers! Watch the Fung Brothers’ YouTube channel, which will be featured on the X1 Asian American Film & TV destination this May during Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

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