Fall TV 2016 – Inside TV: Harley and the Davidsons

The three-part mini-series ‘Harley and the Davidsons’ premieres September 5, 2016 on Discovery.

The cast of Harley and the Davidsons – Michiel Huisman, Bug Hall, and Robert Aramayo – takes you inside Discovery’s story behind the brand, a three-night special event starting Sept. 5 that Variety calls “a love letter to American motorcycling.”

Did the actors know how to ride before filming? Michiel Huisman: A couple of us knew how to ride bikes. I rode a motorcycle all throughout my 20s, and I thought I would never get in a car.

What about the characters – the two Davidson brothers, Walter and Arthur, and their friend, Bill Harley – stood out to you? Bug Hall: Their love for each other was more unifying, I think, even more than the machine that they made. But their differences is what really molded and sculpted this amazing thing.

Bug, did your mother really name you Bug? She didn’t, no. I didn’t know that until kindergarten when she introduced me as a completely different person and I freaked out. I was like, “What happened to Bug?” So I put my foot down there. I guess I was probably a bit of a rebel too and said, “No, we’re sticking with Bug.”