Flight attendant pushes beverage cart 220 miles

Sunday TODAY’s Willie Geist runs through the Highs and Lows of the week, including the tribute by retired flight attendant Paul Veneto, who had the day off from his regular route on United Flight 175 on Sept. 11, 2001. To honor the lives lost that day, he pushed a beverage cart over 200 miles from Logan Airport in Boston to ground zero in New York City, arriving on Saturday.

Dancers Talk about Powerful Photo Shoot


Two young ballerinas, Kennedy George and Ava Holloway, discuss the viral photos of them dancing in front of the Robert E. Lee monument in Richmond, Virginia. They share how the photos have changed their lives and their plans to continue to be activists moving forward.

‘Back In Time’ Island Works to Make Visitors Feel Safe


Mackinac Island, Michigan, is known for its no-car policy. The picturesque island, filled with horse-drawn carriages, bicycles, and fudge, is famous for taking visitors back in time. Now the island community is working to keep up with the times, as it embraces new coronavirus-fighting safety features and works to make up for financial losses it’s faced as a result of the pandemic.

Moms Join Forces to Feed Community Members


After a person in her community passed away from the coronavirus, Diana Love reached out to friends to help support the family. From there, she and Amy Marshall co-founded the West Annapolis Pop Up Pantry to provide food to all community members suffering during the pandemic.

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