Teen Builds Free Desks for Kids


Colby Samide created “Desks for Distance” to help kids who may not be able to afford their own workspace while learning remotely. He raised $4,000 in under two weeks and built 100 desks with help from volunteers.

Hero Nurses Save Babies During Hurricane Laura


Nineteen tiny newborns in Lake Charles, Louisiana, survived Hurricane Laura thanks to a team of heroic nurses who stayed behind to care for them while the fierce storm raged outside.

Jurassic World Themed Magic Tricks


Camp Counselor and professional magician Marcus Eddie, along with Maddox from Jurrasic World’s ‘Build Me This’ teach you dinosaur-themed magic tricks.

Sewing for a Good Cause


Meet the 11-year-old who makes blankets for kids going through tough times. ABC’s Will Ganss talks to the amazing kid who founded “Lucy’s Love Blankets.”

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