Tom Hanks Discusses Upcoming Film


Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham and Rob Morgan join Hoda and Jenna by video chat to talk about their experience filming the new Apple TV+ film “Greyhound.” Hanks also comments on his experience in quarantine after recovering from the coronavirus.

Physics Expert Examines Superhero Film and TV


Physics professor Rhett Allain breaks down amazing feats of physics from superheroes in movies and television and explains how accurate their depictions really are. How realistic are “superhero” landings? Is the kinetic energy suit from “Black Panther” possible? Even with superpowers, is it physically feasible for Superman to lift a large building? Rhett Allain is an Associate Professor of Physics at Southeastern Louisiana University.

Movie Theaters Prepare To Reopen


After being closed for months due to the pandemic, movie theaters are preparing to reopen just in time for the summer blockbuster season. From Hollywood, NBC’s Joe Fryer reports for TODAY on what they are doing to protect filmgoers.

‘Ghostbusters’ Cast to Reunite to Raise Money for Charity


Actor Josh Gad’s “Reunited Apart” series on YouTube has organized virtual get-togethers for the casts of such beloved films as “Back to the Future,” “The Goonies” and “Splash,” all to raise money for charity. And now Gad is taking on another beloved film, “Ghostbusters.”

Future Pixar Easter Eggs Explained

Plenty of films and movie franchises hide easter eggs, but Pixar takes it to another level. Pixar’s Jonas Rivera reveals all of the secret references to Pixar movies hidden throughout their films. The twist is that all of these references were teasing Pixar movies that weren’t even out yet. Since a Pixar movie can take upwards of 6 years to complete, there’s plenty of crossover between productions. This creates the perfect opportunity for the studio to leave references in each of their films.

Every Batmobile from Movies & TV Explained


The Batmobile is arguably the most iconic vehicle in the history of entertainment. Batman historian Glen Weldon takes a look at every Batmobile that’s appeared on television and the silver screen. Glen gets into Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher’s takes on the vehicles, why Christopher Nolan transitioned from the Batmobile to the Tumbler, and why the 1966 Batmobile remains so iconic even to this day.