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Verducci: Baseball Coming Soon

Fox Baseball analyst Tom Verducci joins Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes to talk about the MLB restart. Tom tells Nick and Kevin that we are very close to having a 2020 baseball season, and lays out what made it so difficult to get to this point.

Nor “Phoenix” Diana is the World’s First Hijab-Wearing Wrestler


Nor “Phoenix” Diana might be small in stature, but she dominates in the ring. The world’s first hijab-wearing pro wrestler, she is also the first female to hold a Malaysia Pro Wrestling championship. She has been criticized by those who say women shouldn’t pursue sports like wrestling, but Nor tunes them out. She has the support of her fans, and she is proud to inspire other girls who wear hijabs to fight their way into the ring. The more girls in wrestling, the better. This young pioneer welcomes the competition.