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Wright: Bucs will Inherently Trust Brady

Tom Brady released his first pictures of practice with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, along with a quote describing the trust he’s striving to earn from his new teammates. Chris Broussard joins Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes to talk about whether they agree with Brady’s sentiments, and if they think at 43 years of age, Brady still has the reputation to earn the trust of the Bucs offense.

Both Mahomes & Chiefs Winners with $500M Deal

Super Bowl Champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes has reached an agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs for a 10 year contract for $500M. Nick Wright reacts to this news, and tells Brian Westbrook and Kevin Wildes whether this deal is more of a win for the Kansas City Chiefs or Mahomes.

Verducci: Baseball Coming Soon

Fox Baseball analyst Tom Verducci joins Nick Wright and Kevin Wildes to talk about the MLB restart. Tom tells Nick and Kevin that we are very close to having a 2020 baseball season, and lays out what made it so difficult to get to this point.